‘135 billion’ Moudrik almost joined ‘this club’ for only 30 billion half a year ago

Mikailo Mudrik

almost headed for Brentford, not Chelsea. Brentford had already been in contact with Moudrik six months ago.

The British ‘Mirror’ said on the 17th (Korean time), “Brentford thought they would sign Mudrik for a transfer fee of 20 million pounds (about 30.3 billion won) in the transfer market last summer. I was willing to let him go for the transfer fee.”

Arsenal have been carrying out the signing of Ukraine’s supernova Mudrik even before the winter transfer window. Moudrik is also a long-time Arsenal fan and has publicly hinted at Arsenal through social media.

But overnight, the situation changed. Moudrik has moved to ‘London rivals’ Chelsea, not Arsenal. Chelsea tried to hijack while Arsenal struggled to negotiate. Chelsea put in 100 million euros (approximately 134.5 billion won), and Shakhtar agreed to this amount. Eventually, Chelsea made headlines when they signed Mudrik to an eight-and-a-half-year contract.

However, there are evaluations that the transfer fee is quite high. Although he is in peak condition in the Ukrainian league this season, the amount of 100 million euros (approximately 134.5 billion won) is obviously overpaying because he has no experience playing in the big league called the English Premier League (EPL). 온라인바카라

Even until last summer’s transfer window alone, Mudrik’s ransom is reduced by almost a quarter. Brentford, which caused a sensation in the EPL at the time, contacted Mudrik to reinforce the squad in the transfer market, and went to the brink of an agreement for an amount of 20 million pounds (approximately 30.3 billion won).

“Shakhtar will be pleased that Brentford’s offer to sign Mudrik fell through after Chelsea agreed to pay him almost 4.5 times the total,” the media explained.

Meanwhile, Shakhtar is doing a good deed by paying part of Mudrik’s transfer fee. British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ said, “This project is being carried out to support the survivors and the families of soldiers killed in Mariupol. Out of the total transfer fee, 22 million pounds (approximately 33.3 billion won) were donated, and later He suggested that we play a friendly match against Chelsea.”

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