140% annual salary increase → winning uniform number 1… Now confident Jeon Jun-ho successor “Satisfied? Still a long way off”

A college graduate rookie did not even play the first season after joining the army and solved it from the military. However, he was not even called to the spring camp for the 1st team, where the battle for the starting position for ‘Muju Gongsan’ took place.

The 2nd team camp had only two outfielders left, and one of them was Hwang Seong-bin (26). Unregistered, he was quickly recognized and registered as an official player in May, earning a starting spot.

This year the position is completely different. He is the most influential player as the main center fielder for the Lotte Giants in the 2023 season. For Seongbin Hwang, this is his first team spring camp since his debut. He has no choice but to have a different mindset. He is

one of the best on the team with quick feet and a spirit that does not hesitate to slide head first to first base. He is the incarnation of hard work that pushes himself to the point where even the coaching staff fall in love with him. This is why coach Larry Sutton repeatedly praised him as “a character that was hard to see on our team” and “a player who gives energy to the entire team.”

Last year, his actual first year as a pro, he posted a decent . Although his pioneering plan is still lacking, it is evaluated that he has sufficiently shown the qualities that will improve with experience. His contact skills are good and his ability to use his speed is excellent.

In particular, when he went out as a runner, his running base based on instant judgment was evaluated as the best in the team. Last year, there was not a single Jurusa. In comparison, his ability to steal bases is a bit lacking (10, 45%). It is time to show the result of intensive training by coach Kim Pyeong-ho.

Last winter, he trained at Sorae High School in Jeju, his alma mater. He is the hero of Soraego, where there are only 5 professional players. Hwang Seong-bin laughed, saying, “I tried really hard to become a pro when I was in school… but meeting my juniors as a first-team player made me feel different. It was amazing.” 카지노사이트

He earned his number 1 uniform this season. There were many pitchers who coveted ‘Ace’s number’. However, Hwang Seong-bin also did not hide his greed for number 1 from before, and became the final winner. The owner of 549 stolen bases in his professional career, he plays with the number of ‘Daedo’ Jeon Joon-ho, who represents Lotte.

“It’s so nice to be wearing number 1. I asked for the understanding of the hyungs. I wanted to become a player like coach Jeon Jun-ho during my active career.”

I also had a heartbreaking time as Lotte recruited as many as three free agents. However, it did not happen that he just saw the light and transferred to another team. Hwang Seong-bin said, “I and the team have to perform better than last year.”

Last year’s annual salary was 30 million won. This year it is 73 million won. 1st place in the team with a whopping 140% increase rate. It is a firm signal that Hwang Seong-bin’s value was recognized.

However, competition cannot be avoided this year. A spot in the outfield is occupied by foreign player Jack Rex. We have to overcome the competition with many players including Koh Seung-min and Ahn Kwon-soo.

can’t be satisfied here Seongbin Hwang said, “Thank you for caring about the team. They gave me a lot of opportunities, and they acknowledged that I did well and rewarded them.”

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