1R rookie who was hit directly by a 142km fastball… “Simple bruise” swept my heart

 I haven’t played a single regular league game yet, but I am overflowing with anticipation. Enough to break my heart at the unexpected sand dune.

Lotte Giants Kim Min-seok collapsed after being hit by a sand dune during the 7th inning of an exhibition game against the LG Twins on the 18th.안전놀이터

He was holding his hand, and it was clear that he was in pain. He was about to start swinging to hit when the ball hit his hand. The part where you can guess the pain.

Kim Min-seok was immediately replaced and received an X-ray examination at the Busan Medical Center. Fortunately, the diagnostic result was ‘simple bruise’. It was news that stretched the shriveled hearts of the Lotte players and fans.

On this day, Kim Min-seok showed why the nickname ‘the second Lee Jung-hoo’ modifies him, and why director Larry Sutton is showing great anticipation even though he is still a rookie. In addition to the numbers of 2 hits and 1 RBI, he showed off his fierce hand with each swing expected.

Unfortunately, the RBI was not a timely hit, but a push from this dune. LG pitcher Lee Woo-chan swayed after two outs, and following walks, hits, and walks, the four balls allowed to Kim Min-seok led to a push-off RBI.

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