1st nomination for surgery → long-term rehabilitation → national hitter’s eyesight… “We will show the burden as a result”

 “I will definitely repay the trust of the club that nominated me for the first time even for surgery.”

Lee Byung-hun (20) expressed his determination to OSEN after being honored with the first Doosan nomination in the 2022 rookie draft. It was an interview that showed both gratitude and spleen toward the club that selected him while he was scheduled for long-term rehabilitation due to his elbow surgery. 

Seoul High School left-hander Lee Byung-hun underwent elbow bone fragmentation surgery in July 2021 when he was in his third year of high school, followed by medial collateral ligament surgery in August, but was nominated for the first round in the same month by Doosan. Recognized for his best 151km fastball and growth potential, he achieved his professional dream with the highest ranking.

Lee Byung-hun went through a long period of rehabilitation and finally made it to the first team on September 3 last year. Four days later, on the 7th, he made his thrilling debut against Changwon NC, and accumulated valuable experience with an average ERA of 3.60 without winning or losing 9 games in the first team. In the aftermath of the surgery, his speed did not come out as well as he did in high school, but he left an earned run average in the 3-point range and revealed his prospects for his second year.

Lee Byung-hun is evaluated as a promising player to lead the Doosan left-handed bullpen in his second year as a pro. With the retirement of Yoo Hee-gwan and Lee Hyun-seung leaving a gap, manager Lee Seung-yeop said at spring camp, “Lee Byung-hun is throwing a good ball. He has to play an important role this year, so he’s trying to put pressure on him too. He lacks a left hand, so if Lee Byung-hun plays well, it will be a great help.” 

Lee Byung-hun joined the 1st team spring camp for the first time two years after his debut and is steadily picking up the pace in Sydney, Australia. Lee Byung-hun, who we met at the scene, said, “It’s fun because we work out and throw the ball together in the first team. He throws a lot of balls because his bullpen pitching cycle is short, but in the case of me, it is easier to get in shape by pitching a lot.” 

Director Lee Seung-yeop’s words, “I’m trying to put a burden on you,” don’t come as a big burden. Lee Byung-hun said, “I don’t feel any pressure yet. Rather, it is more burdensome to undergo surgery and receive the first nomination,” he said. “I know that the club and fans are expecting a lot. Now, it is the player’s responsibility to show that burden as a result. I am working hard for that now.”  바카라사이트

Lee Byung-hun took off his glasses, which were the symbol of his amateur days, after undergoing vision correction surgery after finishing last season. He often undergoes vision correction surgery to remove his glasses, but Lee Byung-hun plans to wear glasses again to improve his eyesight. 

Lee Byung-hun said, “I’ve been wearing goggles since elementary school. The view is definitely different when you wear it and when you take it off. I took off the goggles and threw them, thinking there wouldn’t be a big difference after the surgery, but there was a difference,” he said. “The goggles I have now have degrees. So I’m thinking of getting some prescription goggles and using them again. Throwing with goggles is probably psychologically more comfortable. When I shake during a game, I tend to touch my goggles lightly and erase negative thoughts,” he said. 

Byung-Hun Lee failed to prove his 1st nomination class in his first year of debut due to his elbow surgery. Therefore, this year, I hope that my pitching will help the team win. He said, “He wants to be a pitcher who gives faith without harming the team. I will always work hard so that I can only produce good results in the situation where I am going up,” he revealed his resolution for the second year. 

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