‘349.1 billion’ batter transfer → I need Kim Ha-seong… BOS, the reason why you can’t trade

“It is possible that they asked for too much.”

The Boston Red Sox did not make a big reinforcement in this Stove League. Boston let go of ‘main shortstop’ Xander Bogarts this winter. wore the San Diego Padres uniform through a ‘Jackpot’ contract of 280 million dollars (approximately 349.1 billion won) in 2011. In addition, Nathan Eboldi (Texas Rangers) and Rich Hill (Pittsburgh Pirates) left to find a new nest.

If there was a minus, there was also a plus: Boston recruited Masataka Yoshida, who challenged to enter the big leagues through the posting system, and Cory Kluber, a two-time Cy Young Award winner, and signed Rafael Devers and 331 million in 11 years. Dollars (approximately 412.7 billion won) signed a long-term contract. However, Boston still has a lot of homework to solve.

‘MathLive.com’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “The Boston Red Sox signed a long-term contract with Rafael Devers and the bullpen. I improved, but the work to do throughout the winter is not over yet,” he said, conveying Boston’s 10 goals this winter. And in the process, he did not leave out the story of Kim Ha-sung’s trade . The method is ‘inside move’. Boston has Trevor Story and Kike Hernandez who can play shortstop. Story’s main position was shortstop until he moved to Boston. Hernandez played the most in center field in his major league career. many,He also has experience playing in 91 games as a shortstop.

Boston’s biggest task now is to fill the void left by Bogatz. “Strengthening the center line is a top priority for Boston over the next few weeks,” said MathLive.com. “With Bogarts gone, Boston needs to fill a huge hole at shortstop. They have many ways to fill this.” 메이저놀이터

‘MathLive.com’ said, “Hernandez is a great center fielder who can play shortstop and second base. Story can play both center infield. Story and Hernandez are both candidates for shortstop, and they are versatile, so Boston can play in the situation. We can respond flexibly,” he said.

The second way is trading. Boston is trying to sign a shortstop after Bogarts left the team. Ha-seong Kim (San Diego) is the most mentioned player through the local media in the US. This is because San Diego has three shortstop resources, including Bogatz, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Kim Ha-seong. San Diego doesn’t seem to have a big idea of ​​trading Kim Ha-sung, but if the cards are right, a trade can happen anytime. Then, what is the background that Kim Ha-sung’s trade has not been concluded so far? The media predicted that the opposing team would have made too many demands. ‘MathLive.com’ added, “It is possible that (the opponent) asked for too much in the trade so far.” How will Boston, which has been steadily trying to reinforce its shortstop since Bogatz moved, will have a player? [San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong. Photo = Getty Image Korea] (Reporter Park Seung-hwan absolute@mydaily.co.kr)

‘Mathlive.com’ said, “There are shortstop resources such as Jose Iglesias, Elvis Andrews, Didi Gregorius, and Josh Harrison in the free agent (FA) market. However, there is a higher possibility of a trade.” Miami’s Miguel Rojas and Joy Wendl are logical trade partners.”

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