‘4 games, 15 goals → Defensive line collapse’ Tottenham, center back Gehi acquisition Arsenal “Never lose”

Tottenham’s biggest issue in the upcoming summer transfer market is the reorganization of the defensive line.

It is a series of humiliations. Tottenham has allowed a whopping 15 goals in the last 4 matches (1 draw and 3 losses) that have fallen into a drawless swamp. That’s an average of 3.75 runs per game. It is truly an ‘automatic door’.

There are ups and downs, but the center back except for Cristian Romero is a failing point. Eric Dier, who is in the center of the three-back, has no answers. Left and right wingbacks Ivan Perisic and Pedro Poro’s defense are also full of loopholes.

Tottenham, who allowed 5 goals in 21 minutes against Newcastle on the 23rd of last month (hereinafter Korean time), gave up 3 goals in 15 minutes against Liverpool on the 1st. The collapse of the defensive line was never a coincidence.

In the end, there is no solution without completely replacing the defensive line in the summer transfer market. The centerback scouting war has already heated up.

The first target is Mark Gehi (22) of Crystal Palace. Arsenal are also watching. Britain’s ‘Evening Standard’ reported on the 2nd that ‘Tottenham are ready to compete with Arsenal for Gehi’.

Gehi, born in 2000, is the future of England. After going through all of the age groups, he was selected for the A national team and played in three matches. A native of Chelsea Youth, he moved to Crystal Palace in 2021 and has played 78 games over two 카지노사이트 seasons, serving as a key defender.

At the time, the transfer fee was 18 million pounds (about 30 billion won). Current values ​​have skyrocketed. Tottenham expects to be able to recruit him if he offers a transfer fee of 45 million pounds (about 75 billion won).

Tottenham’s Clement Lenglet’s loan contract with Barcelona ends at the end of this season. Davinson Sanchez is also planning to put it on the market. Arsenal are eyeing Gehi to fill the void left by injured William Saliba.

Tottenham are planning a blood transfusion of two centre-backs, including Gehi.

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