‘8 second rule strikeout’ Manny Machado, the story of taking a break from the beginning of the game, not the second half

It wasn’t a game where you played all 9 innings. The basic plan for the day was to return to the bench and rest at an appropriate time after the mid game.

San Diego’s Manny Machado of the U.S. Professional Baseball was dropped from the game immediately after his first at-bat in the first inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 5th because of the ‘8 second rule violation’ introduced in the major leagues this season.

A full count followed in the bottom of the first inning with two outs and no runners. Against Arizona starter Jack Gallen, Machado requested a timeout with eight seconds remaining on the ‘pitch clock’, but was not granted. And umpire Ron Coolpa automatically added a strike. Machado was immediately treated as a strikeout.안전놀이터

In the major leagues this season, pitchers must pitch within 15 seconds of receiving the ball from the catcher when there is no runner. When he has runners he has to throw the ball in 20 seconds. One ball is added for violation of the rules. The batter must be ready to hit at the plate before the remaining 8 seconds have elapsed. It was a violation of Machado.

Machano protested without going into the dugout even in the airlift change situation, but to make matters worse, he was even ejected from the game. USA Today of the United States said about this scene, “Since Machado played 9 innings as a third baseman in the night game the previous day, he was scheduled to play as a designated hitter (3) and miss about half of the game, but it was much better than planned. The break time has become longer,” he commented.

New rules go through transitions every time. Such scenes are expected to appear frequently in the major leagues this year. Machado left one case early in the season.

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