A changed KCC looks to win a new season in Taebaek

KCC is sweating it out in Taebaek to win the upcoming season.

The Jeonju KCC Aegis have been training in Taebaek, Gangwon-do, for the past 24 days. The team is preparing for the season by training in cross-country, a popular sport in Taebaek, and doing ball training and weight training at the Hwangji High School gym.

Taebaek has been a favorite training ground for KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin since his days at TG Sambo (DB’s predecessor).스포츠토토 The idea is to build up enough physical strength over the summer to last through the long season.

In particular, cross-country, which comes to mind when you think of Taebaek, is a tough training that has a reputation among athletes. This is because they have to run a distance of 9 to 11 kilometers on a slope instead of a flat surface.

However, this year, KCC has changed the way they train. They introduced interval training for cross-country.

In the past, athletes would sprint the entire distance in one go, but this year, they split the distance into six sections, sprinting and walking. The idea is to sprint and then walk for a certain amount of time before taking a break.

Depending on the athlete, some athletes found the new method suitable, while others preferred to run all at once, but in any case, the effort to reflect the will of the athletes in various forms stood out.

On the 27th, the day visited Taebaek, KCC practiced ball training at the Hwangji gym in the morning and cross-country in the afternoon.

At 3:30 p.m., the KCC players warmed up with light stretches at their accommodation, O2 Resort, and then moved to the parking lot of Taebaek Seohak Children’s Home, the starting point for the cross-country, to warm up with a light run before starting the cross-country at 4 p.m.

The team did not include Ragan and Lee Seung-hyun, who were called up to the national team. In addition, captain Jung Chang-young and new free agent Choi Joon-yong were still unable to participate in the normal training, so they left early and walked the section slowly, while the rest of the players, including Heo Woong, participated in the training as normal.

Kwak Jung-hoon and Epistola were the two athletes who maintained the best form and recorded the best times during training. Kwak took off his top right from the start and went through the drills with the most explosive movements and precise posture. His sprint times weren’t bad either. The same goes for Epistola.

Coach Jeon praised Epistola, saying, “It’s not easy to train in the off-season, but she works really hard and sincerely.”

Heung was the one who complained the most about his time in training. He complained that the coaches timed him in the sprinting section, but the numbers were always wrong.

To the head coach Kang Yang-taek, who was timing him, he said, “Coach, you need to press faster. The record is wrong,” he said in a half-joking, half-serious tone. Of course, Coach Kang laughed and said, “I got it right.”

After sprinting up the final hill, the KCC athletes cooled down with stretches before returning to their accommodation.

Whether it was because he was pleased with their hard work in the hot weather or because some of the players had made a deal with him for their hard work, Coach Jeon Chang-jin decided to give the team a break from their scheduled weight training session on the morning of the 28th.

Meanwhile, KCC’s training camp in Taebaek will continue until August 4.

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