A Newcastle star who had an ‘accident’ two days after the transfer → ‘Crisis to go to prison’ in front of his girlfriend

Anthony Gordon, who moved to Newcastle United after holding out for about a week while refusing to transfer, had an ‘accident’. There were reports that he could go to jail.

In the winter transfer window, Newcastle signed Anthony Gordon from Everton for £45m. However, he was caught driving after being banned from driving on the road two days later. It is said that this is a crime that can also lead to arrest.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 4th that the 21-year-old star was suspended for six months on Monday for failing to twice disclose details about the driver of his vehicle. But last Wednesday, two days later, he ignored it and was caught driving secretly.

He is accused of driving a £100,000 luxury SUV to a date with his girlfriend Annie Keating the previous day, local time. He was caught on camera sitting in the driver’s seat.

Gordon, who joined Newcastle from Everton on the 29th after a conflict with the club, was caught parking at a luxury hotel in a downtown area.

Wearing a black jacket and bleached blonde hair, Gordon was seen getting out of the driver’s seat and entering the hotel. It is a scene that cannot be denied. His girlfriend was sitting next to him.

Violating road curfews in the UK is a crime punishable by up to six months in prison.

According to The Sun, he could go to jail. In particular, he has a precedent for violating traffic laws even while at Everton. He said he was punished for speeding as well as parking violations last year. 토토사이트

Local police said, “As is standard practice, they may or may not participate in police investigations and will not confirm or deny the identity of anyone who has not been charged with a criminal offense.” It is their position that they cannot confirm it because they have not yet been charged.

So when he moved to the training ground on the 3rd, his girlfriend picked him up and took him back.

Meanwhile, Gordon is said to be making his debut before West Ham on Sunday. He can appear because he has not yet been charged.

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