African boy selling oranges on the street → ransom price ‘246.6 billion’… Who is the protagonist of the reversal of life?

 If you were to choose the hottest striker in Europe right now, it would be Napoli’s Victor Osimen.

This season, Napoli is making a splash in Italy’s Serie A and is running at the top of the league. With 74 points, there is a difference of 16 points from second place Lazio (58 points). In fact, winning is guaranteed. Napoli is on the verge of winning the title for the first time in 33 years. In addition, the club reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for the first time.

At the center of the dazzling performance is Osimen. He ranks first in the league with 21 goals. Due to this performance, love calls from many European clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea are pouring. His ransom has risen to a whopping 150 million pounds (246.6 billion won).안전놀이터

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported intensively on this Osimen. The media said, “Osimen is a Napoli striker who shines in Europe this season. He is the idol of his home country Nigeria and is expected to be the hottest target in the summer transfer market with his amazing performance. His ransom is currently at least £ 150 million. is worth it,” he explained.

And this media looked back on the process until Osimen came to be today. Osimen was born and raised in poor circumstances in the suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria. O Simen made a living when he was young, selling oranges and bottled water on the streets. And he lived in the worst conditions, with the local football stadium closed.

At the end of twists and turns, at the age of 17, he joined Wolfsburg in Germany, and came to Naples via Charleroi in Belgium and Lille in France. He made a huge leap here. He scored 25 goals in 29 appearances in all competitions this season.

As Napoli came close to winning the title, Osimen was asked about English football and he expressed “interest”.

Saying he still wants to focus on Napoli, he did not mention a specific team. He just brought out a certain player. It was African football hero and Chelsea legend Didier Drogba.

Osimen said: “I have always supported Drogba. I have respect and love for him. When Drogba equalized in the 2012 UCL final, it felt like I scored. My friends know I’m obsessed with Drogba.” said.

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