After writing ‘Pogba is a virus’, you will understand “Send it to the US”

Reporter Cho Yong-un = Juventus is angry with Paul Pogba (30).

Pogba decided to return to Juventus after six years when his contract with Manchester United came to an end last summer. Juventus sent Pogba to Manchester United and earned 100 million pounds (about 150 billion won) in transfer fees, and did not spend a dime when bringing him back.

It looked like a deal that Juventus took a big chunk out of, but it’s being concluded as a failure as Pogba hasn’t played a minute this season. Pogba suffered a knee injury shortly after his transfer and had to rehabilitate for a long time. Pogba, who focused on recovery by not attending the Qatar World Cup, recently returned to the bench, but complained of flexor pain again. 바카라사이트

Seeing Pogba still unable to play, Juventus decided to dispose of him. British media ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Juventus is considering parting with Pogba, who has not played for a minute yet.” “It is no longer an impossible scenario to terminate the contract. We will sell it to a league with less competition.”

Juventus fans also disapprove of Pogba, who has been absent for 27 games, posting many posts on social media and being active. According to the Daily Mail, Juventus fans consider Pogwang’s job as an influencer and look at him as a player who will not be able to return to 100% recovery.

It is similar to the evaluation at Man Utd. Pogba has not had a significant season since moving to Manchester United. He always shook the squad with discord and transfer rumors. After seeing the disappointing Pogba, manager Jose Mourinho called him a virus. Now at Juventus, Pogba is enough to be described as a virus, and we are watching the process of the 100 million pound man fall.

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