Al Nasr, signed by Ronaldo, postponed for a day due to heavy rain in the match on the 5th

 Reporter Kim Dong-chan = Saudi Arabia’s professional soccer team Al-Nassr, which recruited Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Portugal), could not play the game scheduled for the 5th local time due to heavy rain.

The Associated Press reported on the 6th, “The match between Al Nasr and Altai, which was scheduled to be held on the 5th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was postponed by a day due to heavy rain.”

The sudden rain caused problems with the stadium’s electrical equipment, and the game was eventually postponed.

Ronaldo, who signed a contract with Al-Nassr at the end of December last year for an annual salary of 75 million dollars (approximately 95.1 billion won), has yet to make his Al-Nassr debut.

However, the Associated Press said, “Even if the match was held as scheduled, Ronaldo could not play.”

This is because Ronaldo was suspended for two matches for striking a fan’s hand and causing him to drop his mobile phone after a league game against Everton in April of last year when he was playing for Manchester United in the English professional football Premier League.

According to the rules of the International Football Federation (FIFA), a player who transfers to another country’s league without completing the suspension must fulfill the existing suspension in the new league.

Therefore, even if the match between Al Nasr and Altai is held on the 6th local time, Ronaldo cannot participate.

ESPN, an American sports media outlet, predicted, “After the match against Altai, Ronaldo will be banned from participating until the match against Al-Shabaab scheduled for the 14th.” did. 메이저사이트

Also, if the game against Altai cannot be held on the 6th and is postponed after January, it will be possible to play in the semifinals of the Saudi Super Cup against Al Ittihad on the 25th.

Meanwhile, AFP said, “The Saudi Arabian league limits foreign players to 8 per team, but Al-Nassr currently has 9.” “he said.

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