All-around sportsmen Seo Ji-seok and Park Jae-min’s sincerity, the wheelchair is a part of the body and humility

Seo Ji-seok and Park Jae-min, who are famous as all-around sportsmen in the entertainment world, sat in a wheelchair. This time, I fell in love with the charm of wheelchair basketball.

Two actors familiar with basketball. However, wheelchair basketball was not easy. However, he devoted himself to training for more than two months and even ventured to participate in the tournament this time.

On the 22nd, they competed in the Olympic 3-on-3 wheelchair basketball event hosted by the Korea Paralympic Association and KBS at Olympic Park in Seoul.

As you can see from the word Olympic, disabled and non-disabled people formed a team. Seo Ji-seok and Park Jae-min wore the same uniform as national team members Yang Dong-gil and Kwak Jun-seong (Coway Blue Wheels).안전놀이터

When wheelchair basketball, which had only been held indoors, made its first outdoor special stage, citizens who visited this place in the spring could not take their eyes off the thrilling play.

The wheelchair collided and made a thud. Fierce struggle between 6 wheelchairs. Thick tendons sprouted from the forearms of players rolling the wheel, and wheelchairs that fell over quickly got up and ran again like talons.

After the game, Seo Ji-seok exhaled heavily and said about wheelchair basketball, “There is a great charm. I realized more through this opportunity,” he said with a broad smile. Park Jae-min said, “There are only differences in methods and equipment, but sports are the same. equally attractive Apart from the equipment of a wheelchair, the game itself is very fun.”

Park Jae-min, who suddenly became a wheelchair basketball evangelist, continued with an affectionate explanation.

He chose the word humility. “The difference between a player who is 2m tall and a player who is 160cm is reduced. When you sit in a wheelchair, you have to play basketball based on its essence. It’s not that I want to move fast. Persuading a wheelchair, we have to go together. It makes people very humble. I hope that people of all ages and genders can participate and feel the thrill of wheelchair basketball. The encounter between a wheelchair and basketball is very different,” he emphasized.

What are the skills of Seo Ji-seok and Park Jae-min? National team members Yang Dong-gil and Kwak Jun-seong, who played together, said, “I often saw him playing basketball. I usually teach a lot of non-disabled students, but the two are basically good at basketball, so they are only beginners in wheelchairs, and their shooting and passing skills are above average. There was no difficulty at all working together.”

In response to the national team’s praise, Park Jae-min said, “The two players are overwhelmingly better than us in athletic ability. We can’t play the game.” He waved his hand.

At the same time, he revealed his firm belief in improving disability awareness. Park Jae-min said, “Wheelchair basketball is not disabled basketball. Wheelchair basketball is just a form of basketball, like 5-on-5 basketball or 3-on-3 basketball. It’s just the difference between wheelchair basketball and non-wheelchair basketball,” he said. “I hope it becomes a sport that anyone can challenge.” Please do not limit it to disabled sports just because you are in a wheelchair.

If so, can wheelchair basketball be understood as a concept of equipment? Park Jae-min discussed more than that. He preached that it was part of the body.

He said, “Equipment is something I can drag. For example, I can throw a basketball. However, I cannot bring a wheelchair. soothe and go together It should be seen as a part of my body rather than equipment. It is thicker than the equipment,” Bangsit said.

Seo Ji-seok, who sympathized from the side, said, “I am spreading wheelchair basketball to many friends and people around me. I hope more non-disabled people will join us.” Photo|Korea Sports Association for the Disabled

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