‘Another Perisic help’ Son Heung-min, in front of Klinsman, ‘2 goals in a row + 8th goal in the league’, but ‘Sanchez Horror Show’ Tottenham, 2-3 shock defeat to Bournemouth ‘Top 4 moving away’

‘Sonsational’ Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) scored two goals in a row. It was meaningful as the goal was scored in front of national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann. However, Tottenham suffered a shock defeat and seemed to be moving away from the top four.

Tottenham gave the winning goal to Dango Watara in extra time in the second half of the 2022-2023 season English Premier League round 31 against Bournemouth held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 15th at 11:00 pm (hereinafter Korean time) and lost 2-3. It was a must-have game to advance to the European Champions League, but suffered a shock defeat. With this defeat, Tottenham remained in 5th place with 53 points. It allowed a tie with 6th place Aston Villa (53 points), which won that day, but kept the ranking ahead of the goal difference. 4th place Man Utd (56 points), far from chasing, was put in a difficult situation by allowing a chase.안전놀이터

The game kicked off 15 minutes late due to traffic jams and accidents. Tottenham pulled out a 3-4-3 formation. Son Heung-min, who started as a left wing forward, formed a three-top team with Harry Kane and Dejan Kulusevski. Ivan Perisic, Oliver Skip, Pierre-Emile Hoivier, and Pedro Poro stood in the back, and Clement Lenglet-Eric Dyer-Christian Romero formed a three-back. Lloris guarded the goal.

Bournemouth also faced with a three-back. Dominic Solanke stood at the top, Ryan Christie, Philip Billing, Joe Roswell and Jefferson Lerma at the back. Matthias Vigna and Marcus Tavernier stood on the left and right, and Chris Mepham, Lloyd Kelly and Jack Stevens formed a three-back. The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by Netu.

As announced that day, coach Klinsman visited the stadium. Coach Klinsman, who finished the A match in March, boarded a plane to Europe on the 14th. To check the European faction. The beginning of the journey was ‘Captain’ Son Heung-min. Coach Klinsman visited Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and met Son Heung-min. Tottenham also quickly reported the meeting between coach Klinsman and Son Heung-min. Through the club’s official SNS, a video was released with the title “Two special guests have arrived.” In the released video, Son Heung-min signed the children’s uniforms and immediately turned around to greet coach Klinsman. Coach Andreas Herrchowk was also there.

Both teams battled hard from the start. Tavernier in the 2nd minute and Kulusevski in the 7th minute exchanged shots. Son Heung-min led the attack with light movements. Son Heung-min took a more aggressive position as acting manager Christian Stellini predicted in an official press conference before the game. In his two-top movement, he moved vigorously from the front. The opening goal was scored in the 14th minute. Langle passed a long pass from the back, and Perisic attacked the space behind Bournemouth with a great move. He attempted a cutback, and Son Heung-min jumped in and scored with a left-footed shot. Son Heung-min, who scored his 100th EPL goal against Brighton last time, scored two goals in a row in the league with a goal that day. Consecutive goals are the first of the season. In particular, it was all the more meaningful because it was a goal scored in front of coach Klinsman.

Son Heung-min scored his 101st goal that day, and with 143 goals in Tottenham’s career, he stood shoulder to shoulder with Jermaine Defoe and jumped to 6th place in the club’s total goals. Son Heung-min now succeeds in scoring double-digit points in the league for 7 consecutive seasons if he scores only 2 more goals.

In Tottenham, who gained momentum, Kane and others fired a shot. Son Heung-min showed good body movements by repeatedly showing quick breakthroughs. In the 23rd minute, Son Heung-min passed a nice through pass to ‘best friend’ Kane, but Kane’s shot went straight to the goalkeeper.

Bournemouth’s offensive was also not easy. In the 29th minute, Tavernier’s left-footed kick from the left to the center was caught by goalkeeper Lloris’ super save. A variable has been created. In the 35th minute Langle went down with an injury, and Davinson Sanchez came on as a substitute. Sanchez has become a disaster for Tottenham. In the 36th minute, Dyer’s long pass, Son Heung-min’s cutback, and Kane’s shot created an opportunity, but Tottenham unfortunately canceled it and allowed an equalizer in the 38th minute. While Poro was breaking through, he was taken away from danger, and Solanke put it into an exquisite penetration pass. Viña runs in and equalizes with a lob shot.

Tottenham’s Kulusevski broke through in the extra time of the first half and hit it with his right foot, but it was deflected and went straight to the goalkeeper, ending the first half with a score of 1-1.

A tight flow continued in the second half. Bournemouth replaced the injured Viña in the third minute of the second half with Adam Smith. Bournemouth turned the game around. Tavernier broke down the left side, and the ball, which Sanchez blocked, accidentally flowed in front of Solanke. Solanke scored a come-from-behind goal with a calm finish. Stellini replaced the sluggish Sanchez with Arnaud Danzuma. Tottenham’s Son Heung-min and Skip continued to shoot, but were blocked by the opponent’s defense. In the 24th minute, Kane headed Poro’s cross, but it floated.

Tottenham launched an all-out attack in the 31st minute, excluding the skip and including Richarlison. In the 41st minute, Richarlison scores his debut goal in the Tottenham League, but Danzuma is in an offside position in the previous scene and it is canceled. Gearko scored the equalizer in the 43rd minute. As Perisic’s throw-in flowed, Danjuma connected with a shot. It was refracted and shook the Bournemouth goal as it was. Even in the VAR result, it was recognized as a goal. Tottenham, who gained momentum, did their last desperate effort. In extra time, Perisic’s corner kick from the left was followed by Richarlison’s no-mark header, but it missed slightly.

Bournemouth, who passed the crisis, did not miss an opportunity. Substitute Watara beat one of the Tottenham defenders and hit a right-footed shot, and the match ended with Bournemouth winning 3-2.

Son Heung-min received a rating of 7.5, the second highest in the team, in Whoscored.com’s evaluation. Heung-Min Son did his part on the day, succeeding in 4 shots, 3 shots on target, 2 key passes, and 1 dribble breakthrough. At Tottenham, Perisic had the highest score at 7.68. Kane stayed at 6.66. Solanke, who scored 1 goal and 2 assists, received a rating of 8.58, the most among both teams.

Football London gave Son Heung-min the highest score in the team, saying, ‘Once again, he played with confidence. The goal was scored in the 14th minute. He handed Kane a crotch pass that should have scored. I ran hard in the second half, but there was no player who could have as much impact.”

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