Anyang KGC’s Ko Chan-hyuk (23, 184 cm) and his younger brother, Samilgo’s Ko Chan-yu (190 cm, G-F), showed off their real-life sibling chemistry.

Samilgo won 79-65 against Inhungo in the men’s high school Seoul-Gyeongin-Gangwon Group C of the 2023 Korea Basketball Weekend League at Gwangshin Broadcasting Yego Gymnasium on Nov. 11. With four players scoring in double figures, Ko Chan-yu’s explosiveness stood out. He finished with 36 points, seven rebounds, and five assists in 26 minutes and 52 seconds.

He seemed to be rewarding a special guest at the game. His older brother, KGC’s Ko Chan-hyuk, was in the gym to cheer him on. Ko Chan-hyuk sat in the stands and watched Ko Chan-yu closely. Chan-yu scored 28 points in the first half and made a total of four three-pointers.

When I asked him after the game if his brother had said anything to him before the game, he said, “I saw his face, but he didn’t say anything (laughs). We’re brothers in real life, but I play basketball with him a lot and we’re very close. Thanks to him, my one-on-one time increased, and I think my shots went in well thanks to him watching me.”

With a training call-up scheduled for July, Ko Chan-hyuk has been training privately to improve his game. However, he didn’t forget to take care of his younger brother during his vacation.

“He did a great job in the first half, scoring 28 points. I wanted him to get greedy in the second half and score 40 or 50 points. He did well enough, but it’s a shame (laughs). Compared to my high school days, I think everything is good except my shooting. I’m more athletic, I’m taller, and I know how to do a lot of things. I worked out with him last week and looked at his shot, and it went in, so I’m happy. I think I taught him well,” he laughed.

When I asked his younger brother, Ko Chan-yu, if he was better than his older brother, Ko Chan-hyuk, he laughed and said, “I think I’m better than him at breaking through and one-on-one.”안전놀이터

When I told this to Chan-hyuk, he said, “I’m not good at it (laughs). I seem to have fun in one-on-ones. I think I’m better than him at shooting and fastball. My brother has better physicality than his peers, but he needs to be more sophisticated and concentrate more to do well in college and in the pros. I can see that he sometimes loses his concentration,” he replied cheerfully.

Will Ko Chan-hyuk and Ko Chan-yu be able to play together in the KBL like the brothers Heo Woong and Heo Hoon who represent the KBL? I’m looking forward to their future.

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