As they say, baseball was solved, Lotte Baseball was stronger than I thought.

It worked out as you said. The day Lotte was confident of winning, they really won.

The parts that made me worry so far have all been resolved. The cohesion of the batting line revived, and the sluggish players revived.

It was a victory that showed that Lotte Baseball would never be easy this season.

Lotte won 6-5 in the match against NC held at Changwon Stadium on the 24th.

Starter Barnes and second pitcher Choi Young-hwan were somewhat shaken, but thanks to Rex-An Chi-hong’s home run and Ahn Kwon-soo’s final hit, they won.

Although it was an exhibition game, it was Lotte who was losing 5 times in a row.

However, it was said that it would change from the game on the 24th. He said he would play in the regular season mode starting from this day. I was confident that the results would be different. And the game ended as said.

During the losing streak, Park Heung-sik, head coach and hitting coach of Lotte, said, “Losing a game is also a loss, but the content of the game itself was not good. The game didn’t work out because I didn’t take the movement off the bench. From the game on the 23rd, the coach will move a lot. I trained in Guam and had two transfers in Japan alone. And it is true that going to Busan was a bit of a burden physically. Falling and rising once at this time can be more helpful in the regular season. A lot of fatigue has gone away now. It is a situation where you can try to win with the best power. In the batting sector, players are making more and more accurate hits. From the game on the 23rd (cancelled in rainy weather), we will be able to show you a different type of baseball.”

So, MK Sports said, “Start watching Lotte Baseball again from today.”

I predicted that the sluggish players would soon revive.

Chief Park said, “Rex is not hitting well, but the hitting mechanism has not collapsed by following the breaking ball erratically. Jeong-tae continued to come out, but it only went to the front of the beast. Now you will be able to show a different side of yourself. It is time for veteran players such as Ahn Chi-hong to improve their condition. I had some physical difficulties, but those parts have now been resolved. From the 24th (the 23rd is canceled due to rain), it will be fun to see their batting. I think that the cohesiveness of the other line can also change if the best member manages the same operation as in the regular season. I think I will be able to show a better appearance in the chance.”안전놀이터

The result, as everyone knows, was ‘as told’.

Rex and An Chi-hong each hit their first home run in the demonstration game that day. The team brought the atmosphere with one big thing in a difficult flow.

Ahn Kwon-soo, who was doing well in the exhibition match, gave the team victory with a final stroke.

The bullpen, which was operated like the regular season, also added a sense of stability by pitching hard with no runs. It was a game that confirmed that Lotte Baseball could become more solid.

Last place Lotte started to show the real baseball they had prepared before the exhibition game was over. First of all, I need to focus on watching baseball tomorrow.

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