‘Bad Boy Cy Young Winner’ Doesn’t work in Japan… 7 runs in 2 consecutive games, 2 consecutive losses ERA 8.40

Traver Bauer (32), the ‘Bad Boy Cy Young Award Winner’, collapsed after allowing 7 runs in two consecutive games.

Since advancing into Japanese professional baseball, it has been difficult to establish itself, such as allowing a home run in every game.

After a good fight in the first game, he was beaten in two consecutive games.

Bauer took the mound as a starting pitcher in a match against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp held at Yokohama Stadium on the 16th.

However, he came down the mound after allowing 8 hits (1 home run), 1 strikeout, 1 walk, 1 wild throw and 7 runs in 2 innings.

It was a 7-run game in two consecutive games after the Yomiuri Giants match on the 9th. His highest velocity came up to 155 km, but he could not overwhelm Japanese batters at all with his power.

He wasn’t good from the start.

After one out in the first inning, he allowed Noma a double through the middle right and was immediately put into a crisis. Then, a wild throw came out of Akiyama’s at-bat, and Akiyama gave up the first run with a double that split the middle right.

The crisis continued. He gave up a double through left-center to McBrum, depriving him of one more run.

He then allowed Nishikawa a two-run home run that went over the right-middle fence and gave up 4 runs. He showed weakness, notching home runs in three straight games.

In the first inning, no more runs were allowed, but in the second inning, 3 points were subtracted and the flow was completely given up.안전놀이터

After allowing lead hitter Gorasawa a double, Tokoda’s sacrifice bunt allowed a fielder’s choice, walk, and consecutive hits, allowing three more runs.

The score is already 7-0 in the second inning. He finished episode 2, but was replaced by Kamichattani for episode 3.

He gave up 7 runs (13 earned) in 2 consecutive games and his earned run average soared to 8.40.

Hiroshima overcame Yokohama’s tenacious pursuit and won the match 7-5.

Bauer became the losing pitcher in two consecutive games.

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