‘Baegungi National High School Football Tournament’ Kickoff on the 14th… 39 teams participated

Reporter Seo Soon-kyu = The ‘Baegungi High School Football Tournament’, which will cover the strongest high school football, kicks off starting with the Yongin Yangji FC U vs Yesan Sapgyo FC U match (10:00 am at Gwangyang Public Stadium) on the 14th.

According to Gwangyang City on the 13th, the 24th Baegungi National High School Soccer Tournament will be held from the 14th to the 27th (14 days) at 5 stadiums, including Gwangyang Public Stadium, with 39 prestigious high school soccer teams participating. 안전놀이터

The Baegungi National High School Football Championship, which celebrates its 24th this year, is co-hosted by the Korea Football Association and the Gwangyang City Sports Association, and supervised by the Jeonnam Football Association and the Gwangyang City Football Association.

It will be held in a tournament format from the round of 20 after going through a full league in each group before the preliminary round, and all matches will be broadcast live through the ‘Gwangyang City Hall TV’ YouTube channel.

For the convenience of the athletes and spectators, the city places volunteers (recorders, drink service) in five stadiums including Gwangyang Public Stadium to guide the progress and visitors. In addition, thorough hygiene guidance for lodging and food establishments, information on parked and stopped vehicles around the stadium, and cleaning activities are being done to prepare for the welcome of the athletes and spectators.

Jeong In-hwa, Mayor of Gwangyang, said, “I sincerely welcome the athletes and officials who participated in the Baegungi Games.” said.

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