Bauer Should I really go to Korea or Japan? No one cares, the market is cold

 Even the expectation that there will be a team showing interest when spring training begins is missing. Trevor Bauer (32), the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner, has yet to find a new team. It is unknown whether going to Japan or Korea, which has been mentioned as a joke, will come as a real option.

In the middle of the 2021 season, Bauer, who was sentenced to a two-season suspension from the Major League Secretariat for alleged violence against women, is in a situation where the path to his active comeback is open. He was sentenced to non-prosecution by the court, and after appealing the disciplinary action of the Secretariat, the disciplinary measure was also reduced. After completing his suspension, he could also return to the major leagues this year.

Bauer is still 32, though the nearly two-year hiatus is a stumbling block. In addition, as the Dodgers made the sudden decision to release Bauer, any team that wants it can use Bauer for only the lowest annual salary in the major leagues. Although he is labeled a troublemaker, he is a player whose skills are so attractive. As long as he’s fit, he can hit double-digit multipliers anytime. There was even a prospect that he would have a team to recruit at his own risk.

However, even after January and February, Bauer does not have a team. When the Dodgers released Bauer, the fact that no team filed a claim for Bauer was somewhat representative of the market’s view. Even after waiting another month, no team is looking for Bauer, and even rumors of ‘interest’ have disappeared. Bauer is also silent.

Apart from his excellent skills, Bauer had several gossips, and many say that being disciplined for violence against women dealt a decisive blow to his image. Here, some testimonies came out that the relationship with his teammates was not smooth at the clubhouse. In other words, clubs cannot help but be conscious of public opinion. 스포츠토토

Bauer will have to wait. After the demonstration game, the clubs finalize the team plan ahead of the opening ceremony. And after the opening, the idea is bound to be broken due to various variables such as injuries. It remains to be seen if there will be a team that wants Bauer then. The discipline is still pending, so when the discipline is over, there may be a team that will be interested in recruiting him. But everything is uncertain.

The possibility of advancing to other leagues unrelated to major league discipline has been raised in a ‘theoretical’ aspect so far, but if the situation is prolonged, it can be an option to be seriously considered. To make a comeback, you need a stage where you can run, but at this point, you don’t know if such an opportunity will be given in the United States. First of all, interest in Bauer can be revived only when he shows off his health by playing in the pro league. Attention is focusing on what kind of scenario awaits Bauer on the road ahead.

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