‘Big prospect’ Walker summons ‘703 home run’ Pujols → Home run boom

Outfield prospect Jordan Walker (21, St. Louis Cardinals), who has yet to debut in the major leagues, is bombarding the exhibition game stage.

Walker recorded a batting average of 0.429, 3 homers, 6 RBIs, 6 runs, 9 hits, an on-base percentage of 0.429, and an OPS of 1.429 in 7 exhibition games until the 6th (Korean time).

This is tied for second in home runs and first in OPS. Accordingly, Walker is recalling Albert Pujols (42), who debuted in the major leagues 22 years ago as a member of St. Louis and became a legend.

Pujols made his major league debut in 2001 with St. Louis and became the rookie of the year with a batting average of 0.329, 37 homers, 130 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of 0.403 and an OPS of 1.013.

After that, Pujols recorded 10 years of performance that will remain in major league history, and retired after surpassing 700 home runs in his personal career last year.

Walker, who is summoning Pujols this spring, was ranked fourth in the 2023 preseason prospect rankings by Baseball America and MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball.

His striking precision was average, but his power was excellent. He was also drafted as a third baseman, but has since moved to corner outfield. 토토사이트

Walker played in Double-A in the minor leagues last year. In 119 games he played, he had a batting average of .306 with 19 home runs and 68 RBIs, with an on-base percentage of .388 and an OPS of .898.

He was initially expected to spend a significant portion of the 2023 season at Triple-A, but an early promotion to the major leagues now looks very promising.

The reason Walker summoned Pujols is largely because he belongs to St. Louis. However, it is also true that Walker is using his power tools to the fullest in this exhibition match.

Attention is focusing on whether Walker, who is regarded as a major outfield prospect, will be able to succeed Pujols, who hit 703 home runs in St. Louis.

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