‘Brazilian League Debut’ Suárez – Hat-trick in 38 minutes

Let’s start with the story of Suárez, who scored a hat-trick in his Brazilian league debut before the first half was over.

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After the World Cup, Suárez moved to Brazilian league Gremio.

He had his debut match today.

In the 5th minute, he scored the first goal with a sensuous roving shot, and in the 31st minute he calmly scored the second goal with sharp movements. 메이저놀이터

The third goal was even better.

Shoot the ball the defense kicked! I went in again.

Hat trick achieved in 38 minutes in the first half!

In the end, we also lifted the Brazilian Super Cup trophy.

Could his debut match be more perfect?


Australian Open singles second round.

Nadal: Is the game not going well today?

Reveals frustration with continued mistakes.

In the middle of the second set, he even requested a medical timeout.

His wife is in tears.

He struggled with injury, but ended up losing 3-0.

It is the first time in 7 years that you have not reached the round of 32 in a major tournament.

It’s been a top play so far.

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