“Breaking the limit of 160.1 km, no longer greedy for restraint”…Moon Dong-ju is more special

“I don’t want to be arrested anymore”.

Moon Dong-ju (20), the monster pitcher of the Hanwha Eagles who became the first Korean pitcher in the KBO League to record a speed of 160 km, announced that he had abandoned his greed for redemption because he had broken the limit. It is read as a willingness to strive for substantiality rather than sailing the best pitcher in the KBO. 

Moon Dong-ju made a new history by throwing a 160.1km ball against Park Chan-ho in the first inning against the KIA Tigers held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 12th. 안전놀이터

Moon Dong-ju is the first Korean pitcher to break 160 km since the KBO league was launched. The highest KBO-accredited domestic player ever recorded was 158.7km, recorded by Lotte Choi Dae-seong in 2012. Now, Redames Leeds is expected to exceed the KBO’s highest speed of 162.1 km, which was set during the LG days. 

Moon Dong-ju, who responded to an interview prior to the KIA and Gwangju match on the 13th, said, “I felt that I was better than usual. It came out as 159 km on the electronic board. I didn’t think too much about it when I was at Samsung, but the best speed came out and I felt good.” 

Following this, breaking 160km in his first appearance in his hometown, Gwangju, also gave meaning. “When I was young, I came here a few times to watch baseball. A lot of family and friends came and I had a lot of good thoughts. 

The desire for redemption was no longer revealed. This is because if you keep looking forward to increasing the restraint, you may overdo it, and the restraint you actually want will not come out. Rather, it seems that the decision to be substantial, such as further polishing the control and breaking pitches and focusing on winning against batters, also seems to have worked.

Moon Dong-joo said, “I thought the limit was 160 km. Now that I have broken through, I have to set a (new) goal again. I have no greed for speed. (Maximum speed, first quality start, etc.) Good results come out, but it’s important not to get hurt. That’s how good it is. Records are coming out. Last year, I didn’t throw much, so my goal is to complete the season.” 

Lastly, regarding the reason for his rapid growth, he said, “Nothing has changed much. I gained confidence on the mound. Last year, I threw a lot without thinking. This year, I have a goal of why I should throw this ball. Things like the feeling of fighting a batter have improved. So ( I think about how to fight against the batter).” /sunny@osen.co.kr

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