Brooklyn, the worst case scenario

 Kevin Durant (hereinafter referred to as Durant) left due to a knee injury.

Durant felt pain in his right knee in the third quarter of the game between the Brooklyn Nets (hereinafter referred to as Brooklyn) and the Miami Heat (hereinafter referred to as Miami) held at FTX Arena on the 9th (Korean time) and headed to the locker room.

In this match, Durant had a scene where his knee was impacted twice. Durant, who was trying to break through, ran into Kyle Lowry at Miami and played the game with some discomfort 메이저놀이터. Minutes later, Miami’s Jimmy Butler came down and collided with Durant’s knee again while attempting a layup. Durant, who suffered two hard blows to his knee, was signaled to be replaced on the bench.

Durant, who is in his 15th season this year, is averaging 30 points, 6.8 rebounds and 5.4 assists, leading the team to second in the East. Durant, who can look up to MVP, will hope that his knee injury is just a pain.

Even as Brooklyn, the team’s current performance is very good, so Durant’s departure will be regrettable. Early in the season, Brooklyn was sacked by head coach Stephen Nash with a 4-8 record. Brooklyn, who was handed the baton by coach Zach Vaughn, has since recorded a record of 23 wins and 5 losses, and has been ‘going well’ since the change of manager.

Brooklyn won a sweaty victory 102-101, with Lewis O’Neill scoring a bottom-of-the-box shot with 3.2 seconds left in the game despite Durant’s absence.

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