Bullpen uneasiness and uneasiness. It should shine now 

In the end, the thing to trust is the batting line. Bad news overlaps on the mound of the LG Twins. Finisher Ko Woo-seok left due to another injury.

On the 30th, Ko Woo-seok, who pitched against the KIA Tigers, complained of back discomfort and received injection treatment at the hospital on the 1st due to back muscle pain. On the 1st, the club announced that Go Woo-seok needed a recovery period of more than a week from pain, and canceled him from the first-team entry. This means that it will take more than ten days for him to return.

With Ko Woo-seok missing, the LG bullpen went into an emergency system again. Even at the beginning of the season, LG endured without Go Woo-seok. Lee Jung-yong started as a temporary finisher, but when he had difficulties with a blown save in the early stages, he turned to a group finisher. However, the only pitcher in the team other than Go Woo-seok who is recording saves is Lee Jeong-yong, who recorded 3 saves. He has more saves than Go Woo-seok, who recorded only two saves.

It is unknown who LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop will choose as the temporary finisher. Lee Jeong-yong can be designated as a temporary finisher again, or Jung Woo-young can replace him. Some pitchers, such as Kim Jin-seong and Ham Deok-joo, have experienced finishing in previous teams, so they can put in pitchers according to the situation with a group finishing system.

No matter what choice you make, it will be difficult for the LG bullpen. Go Woo-seok finished the game in the 9th inning if he had to block the 8th inning, but now the middle pitching team has to block all of them until the 9th inning. The starting pitcher should also pull out as many innings as possible. As domestic starters cannot throw more than 6 innings, there is a high possibility that the burden on the bullpen will increase.

In this situation, what LG believes is a blow. LG is running first with a team batting average of .299 for the first month. The gap with KT Wiz (0.266), which is second in team batting average, is very large. Hits (264), runs scored (147 points), slugging percentage (0.407), on-base percentage (0.390), etc. are ranked first in most offensive indicators except for home runs.안전놀이터

Last week, LG also showed the best batting average with a batting average of 3.201 in 6 games. However, his batting average in scoring position fell to .277. There were many regrettable moments of missed opportunities, and last week, 2 wins and 4 losses, including being swept by KIA in 3 consecutive matches, was sluggish.

LG, whose bullpen has weakened since Woo-seok Koh left, should score plenty of hits so that the bullpen can throw comfortably. It is true that the atmosphere has deteriorated after being swept by KIA after 5 years. The best way to raise the mood is to win, and currently the best way to win for LG is to score a lot.

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