Carrot, Treadwell Recruited Aledge… Scheduled to sortie for DB on the 19th

Alledge wears the Carrot uniform. 

Jonathan Alledge joined the Samsung as a temporary replacement for Marcus Derrickson and showed decent performance with an average of 10.8 points and 5 rebounds in 10 games. However, Samsung fell to the bottom of the table amid injuries to domestic players, and decided to replace all foreign players to refresh the atmosphere during the All-Star break. 

In this situation, the Goyang Carrot club reached out to Alledge. 

The interests of both the player and the club were aligned. Carrot was in a situation where Demetrius Treadwell, who was brought in as a substitute foreign player, was not performing well in a situation where David Simon left due to a knee injury.

Amidst Treadwell’s sluggishness, Didric Lawson’s playing time increased rapidly, and Lawson began to expose his physical problems as he played games. 

Carrot is a team that plays basketball centered on 3-point shots centered on Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun. However, Treadwell, who was not good at shooting, showed that he could not easily melt into the team, and Carrot had no choice but to make a decision. 

Samsung’s Alledge has excellent shooting skills, recording an average 43.3% 3-point shooting success rate and 89.3% free throw success rate per game. He is also a resource capable of breaking through with his speed.  메이저놀이터

An official from Carrot said, “The first reason for choosing Alledge is his height. As Lawson’s backup, we have to block tall foreign players on the opposing team, but Treadwell has a limit in height. Alledge is tall and has good attack power.” He said, “There was no player I liked among the players currently playing in overseas leagues, and I recruited Alledge because he got used to it after playing in Korea for about a month.” 

Carrot succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by winning three straight wins just before the All-Star break. Can Carrot, who has joined Aletji, continue his upward trend after the break?

Al Ledge will make his first start in a Carrot uniform in a home game against DB on the 19th. 

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