Cho Myung-woo, Choi Wan-yeong, Jeong Ye-seong, Park Jeong-woo, and 11 others as Korean representatives of the Carom Billiards Championship.

Eleven players, including Jo Myung-woo, Choi Wan-young, Jung Ye-seong, and Park Jeong-woo, who are strong players, will participate as representatives at the Asian Carom Billiards Championships to be held in Yanggu, Gangwon-do in March.

The Korea Billiards Federation (Chairman Park Bo-hwan) held the ’11th Asian Carom Billiards Championship 1-Cushion and 3-Cushion U22 Representative Selection Match’ at Perry Billiard Hall and Jakdang Billiard Hall in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 21st and selected 11 national players.

As a result of the selection, 5 people were selected as 1-cushion representatives: Jo Myung-wu Cho (Silkro C&T), Wan-young Choi (Gwangju Billiards Federation), Ja-in Kang (Chungnam Sports Association), Jeong-hee Lee (Siheung Billiards Federation), and Dae-woong Lee (Suwon Billiards Federation). 메이저놀이터

The 1-cushion selection match, in which 35 players participated, was held in a three-person league match, and 15 players who passed the preliminaries (80 points) advanced to the finals. In the final round (100 points), a league match was held in five groups (three players), and the first place in each group became the representative.

64 people participated in the U22 (under 22 years old) 3-cushion representative selection event, which selected 6 people, and was held as a tournament. Among them, two of the finalists and quarterfinalists with high averages were selected as representatives.

As a result, Jeong Ye-seong (21, Seoul Billiards Federation), Park Jeong-woo (18, Seoul Gyeongdong High School, Seolbangtong High School), Kim Han-nuri (20, Hwaseong Billiards Federation), Kim Do-heon (22, Suwon Billiards Federation), who reached the quarterfinals, and the highest average among the quarterfinalists Jeong Jae-in (19, Baek Seok-go) and Jo Young-yoon (19, Jeonju-go), who recorded .

Meanwhile, the 11th Asian Carom Billiards Championship will be held in Yanggu, Gangwon-do on March 23-26, and Korea, Vietnam and Japan will participate.

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