‘Come back vs unstable position’… Conflicting gaze toward Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur)’s league performance this season can be summed up in one word. ‘fall.’ At least so far. Last season, he peaked as the first Asian player to become the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL), but this season in the league, he is sluggish with 4 goals and 3 assists. A hat-trick against Leicester City on September 18 last year (Korean time) at the beginning of the season and a goal against Crystal Palace on January 5 this year are all. Of the 20 games he played, he scored in only 2 games.

Even in the field, there is a heated debate over the ups and downs of the previous season’s top scorer. In particular, the controversy is growing after Son Heung-min showed compliance in the home game against Manchester City on the 6th. Son Heung-min did not score that day, but received favorable reviews from the local press, such as 8 points (Football London), 7 points (Sky Sports), 7 points (Evening Standard), and 6.6 points (WhoScored.com). It seems to be continuing its momentum after scoring two goals in the FA Cup match against Preston North End on the 29th of last month.

On the one hand, it is said that Son Heung-min has returned. <Football London> mentioned Son Heung-min first when selecting seven Tottenham players to rebound in the second half. The media said, “Son Heung-min scored two goals against Preston in the Football Association Cup and played another dangerous game against Manchester City. It shows that he may have found his rhythm.” Gary Neville, from Manchester United and active as a panelist for <Sky Sports>, said, “Son Heung-min has regained the spark.” 온라인카지노

There are still pessimistic views. Son Heung-min attempted an average of 2.45 shots per game last season. His average points scored per match was 0.66 goals. On the other hand, he averaged only 0.2 goals this season despite averaging 2.5 shots. In particular, it is evaluated that the synergy effect with Harry Kane, who was considered the best in the league, is not the same as before. Above all, Son Heung-min does not have much time. His strong competitor, Hishar Lee Song, has returned from injury, and Dejan Klusevsky can also threaten Son Heung-min’s position. <Daily Mail> said, “Tottenham manager Antonio Conte lacks the time and reason to believe in Son Heung-min, regardless of what he has done in the past.”

Are Son Heung-min’s difficulties temporary? Or is it the inevitable decline that came when he entered his thirties? Son Heung-min is expected to start for Leicester City on the 12th. This is the team where Son Heung-min scored a hat-trick this season.

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