“Confidence on a six-game winning streak, we’ll show you the results”

The Korean baseball team Hanwha is on a six-game winning streak, delighting long-suffering Hanwha fans.온라인카지노

Reporter Lee Sung-hoon meets Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho, who says he will now ‘show it with results’.


When Choi Won-ho took over the reins of the first team last month after coaching the Hanwha Future Team for the past three years, the fans’ reaction was lukewarm.

There were “truck protests” and “sleepless nights” for Choi, who accused the club of passing the buck to his predecessor.

[Choi Won-ho/Hanwha: I have too many thoughts in my head. Honestly, when I was coach of Futures (2nd team), I slept well. It’s like I’m taking a nap and I can’t sleep until the morning….]

Fortunately, Hanwha soon settled down.

With the arrival of new foreign pitcher Sanchez and a clearer division of roles among the existing pitchers, the team has the second-lowest team ERA in the league since June and has even ventured into batting big man Lee Jin-young at first base, looking to extend their six-game winning streak to four years and their first seven-game winning streak in 18 years.

[Choi Won-ho/Hanhwa manager: (Last 22nd) 1-0 game against KIA, by overcoming such tough games, the players also have the confidence to accumulate a lot of wins, which is a good record called a winning streak….]

With Hanwha now looking beyond the relegation zone and towards mid-table, Coach Choi vows to reward the fans who have endured the pain of being last for three years in a row with results.

[Choi Won-ho/Hanwha coach: Those who play in the first team should take a little more responsibility. The process is also very important, and if you don’t produce results, you won’t be valued. With that mindset, I think we can definitely accept a little better result than what we thought…..]

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