Confrontation with twin directors, Jo Dong-hyun laughed! Hyundai Mobis wins 3 consecutive wins over LG

In professional basketball, they are soul mates and rivals. Twin directors Jo Sang-hyun and Jo Dong-hyun faced off against each other.

His younger brother, Hyundai Mobis manager Cho Dong-hyun, won 2 consecutive wins after 2 losses in head-to-head matches.

Reporter Kang Jae-hoon reports.


The twin coaches’ fourth match of the season was similar from the beginning with offensive basketball.

LG Kwan-hee Lee responded with a three-point gun to Hyundai Mobis Seo Myung-jin’s outer gun.

LG hit the rim with a dunk shot following an exquisite penetration, and Hyundai Mobis also thrilled home fans with an alley-oop dunk.

When Hyundai Mobis, who had been ahead of them, allowed them to chase with a three-point lead in the third quarter, manager Cho Dong-hyun strongly reprimanded the players.

[Cho Dong-hyeon/Hyundai Mobis Manager: “Focus on the game! We must protect what we protect!”]

As the spirited Hyundai Mobis widened the score gap, LG coach Jo Sang-hyeon gave instructions for the operation. 메이저놀이터

[Cho Sang-hyeon/LG coach: “Let’s shoot once… 4 minutes is enough. That’s enough!”]

LG Lee Kwan-hee fired a three-point shot as planned and started the chase again, but at the end of the game, Seo Myung-jin’s decisive victory The store hit the mark, and Hyundai Mobis laughed last.

Hyundai Mobis manager Cho Dong-hyun, who climbed to third place with three consecutive wins, faced a tight match with 2 wins and 2 losses in the match against twins.

33 seconds before the end of the game, Korea Gas Corporation, which Lee Dae-seong hit with a wedge gun, defeated KCC and escaped from a three-game losing streak.

This is Kang Jae-hoon from KBS News.

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