‘Convocation to prepare for AG’ Director Hwang Seon-hong “Lee Kang-in, I would like to play in my preferred position… I hope I do not meet North Korea”

 Head coach Hwang Seon-hong, who is challenging for three consecutive Asian Games titles, is going to check organizational skills through short-term convocation training. 

Coach Hwang Seon-hong opened his mouth about whether Lee Kang-in would be used and preparations for a third consecutive victory.

The U-24 national team led by head coach Hwang Seon-hong convened the Paju NFC (National Team Training Center) on the 15th and began training for three days.

Hwang Seon-hong-ho, who is preparing 안전놀이터 to participate in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September, is convened with 27 people to work together. Most of the players are members of the U-24 and U-22 national teams who went to Qatar for an away evaluation last March.

Coach Hwang said through this call, “I want to call all year round, but the league is fierce, so it is difficult except for the A match period. It will be a good opportunity and it will be a short but valuable time to share tactics.” 

Regarding Lee Kang-in, who is active in Spanish La Liga, he expressed his thoughts, “I have an idea in my head. I will communicate well at the September call-up so that I can play well and play in my favorite position.” 

The following is director Hwang’s Q&A.

-How do you feel about the convocation?

It is convened after March. I like the bright look. The K-League is fierce, so I am grateful for your cooperation. I’ll make it a good time.

-Is this a planned call?

Plan wants to convene all year round. The league is fierce, so it is difficult except during the A-match period. It’s a good opportunity. It’s short, but it will be a valuable time to share tactics.

– What kind of players are you observing during the K-League schedule?

These are the players who will lead the league in the short term and Korean soccer in the long term. They are players who will become competitive in Korean soccer as they grow. We will induce development through the Asian Games and the Olympics.

-It’s the level of the national team as a second-line striker, how do you envision the striker?

The forward striker is in trouble, and the side competition is fierce. In the second line, no player can guarantee the final list. You will be able to make it to the final list only if you improve your performance in the league and improve the competitiveness of the national team. -Are

you thinking about the wild card in the forefront?

There is a wild card problem. Players who advance overseas are concerned about being selected for their team. Plan B is also being considered. If it doesn’t hit the target, I’ll think about the next plan.

– In September, overseas leagues are in full swing, so how do you plan to cooperate with recruitment?

Japan has been There are also plans to visit Europe. I will go in person and meet with the club officials. It’s not easy, but I’ll do my best.

-There are players who have completed military service, but it is a tournament with military service benefits anyway. Even so, I think the selection of players will be different from before.

You can think of many things just by wearing the Taegeuk mark and running. It is difficult to calculate just that. Motivation goes down, but not all. You must first think about how far you want to go as a team with a goal. We will narrow it down to the end, considering several important circumstances.

-What is the wild card idea?

About 10 people are looking at the pool and thinking about it. We are considering the selection of players who will be strong in the position that is lacking.

-What are the top priorities for selection?

it is one team Since it is a tournament or a short-term game, the most important thing is to become one team. We will select players who will go towards one goal as one team.

-There are members of the U-20 World Cup, how will this affect you?

On the one hand, there may be memories of showing the confidence of ‘can do’ and superiority on the world stage, but on the other hand, the glory of the past cannot guarantee the present. The future is more important than the past, and we will nurture players who will advance accordingly.

-What is the proportion of Lee Kang-in and how did you see his performance?

I can’t say everything overall. It’s envisioned in my head. I’m active on the side, but it’s better than before. Competitiveness in other positions is key. I will communicate with him at the call-up in September so that he can play well and play in his favorite position.

– There must be a player who overlaps with national team A during the call-up in June.

That part was discussed with director Jurgen Klinsmann. It’s sort of sorted out now. Communication with the A team is smooth, so there is no worry. We need to make some concessions and cooperate. now it’s smooth

– It is rare to win three consecutive Asian Games ball games. Is it a motivation or a burden?

The shoulders are heavy. It’s an unavoidable situation, so it’s important to walk out with confidence. It’s important to do things that haven’t been done. I will show a good figure to the people,

-North Korea participates in this competition and participation in soccer is certain. do you want to meet

There is too little information. I also talked to the analyst at lunch. You have to go to the field and look at the team situation. It’s a team wrapped in a veil, so if possible, I don’t want to meet them.

-Which team do you think will compete for the gold medal?

There are several strong teams. Uzbekistan and Japan continue to train, and Middle Eastern forces such as Saudi Arabia are also strong. The development of Southeast Asia is also notable. If we prepare well, there will be no shortage of sticking with that team. It will depend on our preparation. I will do my best to prepare.

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