‘Cool Captain!’… A decisive word when everyone is having a ‘mental breakdown’, “Arsenal is currently number one.”

 Arsenal of the English Premier League (EPL) fell into a state of ‘mental collapse (mental breakdown)’.

Arsenal have suffered two shocking draws in their last two matches. In the last 2 games, they all scored 2 goals and conceded 2 goals to draw. Liverpool on the 10th and West Ham on the 16th were the same.

Arsenal, who missed the win, faced fierce pursuit from second-placed Manchester City. Arsenal have only 74 points with one more game played, and Manchester City, who have played one less game, have 70 points. In fact, the difference in points should be considered as 1 point. It is the biggest crisis that has come to Arsenal, which is aiming for the championship in 19 years.안전놀이터

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is also having a mental breakdown. Regarding the two consecutive draws, he expressed regret, saying, “I don’t know. I don’t know how it will affect my winning streak. I don’t know anything.”

In this situation, Arsenal’s ‘captain’ stepped forward. This is Martin Odegaard. He throws a decisive word when the team is shaking and is getting the team back up again.

Odegard emphasized, “The current EPL number one is Arsenal” through England’s ‘Football London’. It was a word that felt the dignity of the claim.

He added, “The initiative to win the league is still in Arsenal’s hands. We must remember this. There will be no more draws. We need the spirit that Arsenal can definitely win the next game.”

Regarding rival Man City, he said, “We gave them the game they wanted. We gave them hope. The answer lies with us. Now Arsenal must look ahead and move forward.”

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