‘Did our cute Chanho come~’ Who is the giant corps teacher that the tiger disciples ran to and hugged?

 The disciples who met the old master greeted each other happily.

On the 18th at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, the first game of a three-week series between KBO League Lotte and KIA was held. The KIA players who arrived at Sajik Stadium ahead of the game greeted the Lotte players who were training on the ground.

Among them, the person who greeted the KIA players most warmly was Park Heung-sik, head coach of Lotte.안전놀이터

Coach Park used to coach at the KIA Tigers, so many of his students are still active.

Park Chan-ho, like his youngest son, showed off his muscular body in front of Coach Park, who was like his father. Coaches Lee Beom-ho, Kim Sang-hoon, and Jin Gab-yong also visited and greeted their old mentor, coach Park Heung-shik.

Although he is now the head coach of the Giant Corps, Coach Park smiled heartily at the welcome greetings from his former students.

Even though the teams are different, the friendship between baseball seniors and juniors has not changed.

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