Don’t say ‘last words’ that put your name first… What about the end of the baseball debate?

 Criticism is emerging from inside and outside the baseball world as the Korean WBC national team was eliminated in the first round three times in a row. It may be difficult to clearly distinguish how far is ‘bitter’ or ‘last word’, but some players seem to feel that there is no case of the latter among baseball players.

High-level expressions can stimulate public emotions, but anger is not a solution to a problem. If the WBC is over and the disaster is irreversible, it seems necessary to make good use of this period when ‘everyone is worried about the future of Korean baseball’. In fact, many of the opinions emerging now are not entirely new. However, in the meantime, it has only stayed at the level of assertion, and there are many cases where it has not been made into a specific plan. What if there was a place or a way to collect bitter words rather than harsh words?안전놀이터

It is good if opinions from various baseball players can come out. The opinions of famous players who were good at baseball are good, but you can also gather the opinions of amateur leaders in the field, which have been difficult to voice so far. It can also be a time to listen to why certain claims are less feasible and why they have not been realized so far.

For example, just look at the wooden bat controversy. It was in 2004 that I started using a wooden bat in high school baseball. At this time, the reason was to strengthen international competitiveness. This is because youth players also had to use wooden bats in international competitions. However, Japan, which still uses aluminum bats in domestic competitions, cites bat adaptation problems as the cause whenever it does not perform well in international competitions.

In addition, opinions on this issue may differ depending on the position of each active player. Batters often insist on returning to aluminum bats, and pitchers often want to keep wooden bats.

The debate over wooden bats and aluminum bats eventually leads to ‘basics’. Those advocating the use of aluminum bats say that using wooden bats makes it difficult for pitchers and hitters to achieve technological advancement. However, there is an argument that a wooden bat is better for saving batting skills.

It is also important to find the cause of the lack of basic skills. From the point of view of the professional baseball coaching staff, only the shortcomings can be seen, but the field of student baseball may have its own difficulties. It could be because of the lack of coaching staff, or it could be because of the lack of absolute training time. It is also true that the voices of amateur leaders were not greatly reflected.

Here again, the problem of the number of school days comes to the fore. Many baseball players see youth and youth players as student baseball ‘players’, but there is also a view of seeing them as ‘student’ baseball players. It is also a matter to think about whether the training that takes a lot of time like the past is really effective.

In this way, baseball world issues bite the tail of the tail, and they influence each other organically. If it can’t be solved in ‘one shot’, shouldn’t several people put their heads together?

The saying that opportunity comes after crisis is also a baseball proverb. I hope that this situation will lead to a rebound at least for the fans who are disappointed by the WBC’s sluggish performance. There were too many missed opportunities to put it off until later.

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