‘Drunk Driving’ Ha Joo-seok, this year’s annual salary was cut in half

The professional baseball Hanwha Eagles cut the annual salary of infielder Ha Joo-seok (29) for drunk driving this year by more than half.

According to the data of the top 20 annual salaries of this year’s players released by Hanwha on the 26th, Ha Joo-seok signed a contract for 100 million won, a decrease of 100 million won (50.2%) from 209 million won last year.

Ha Joo-seok was caught drinking by the police at around 5:50 am on November 19 last year in Dong-gu, Daejeon. Measurements showed his blood alcohol level was 0.078%, and he was suspended and fined and summarily charged.

The KBO Reward and Penalty Committee imposed a 70-game suspension in accordance with Article 151 of the KBO Rules, ‘Damaging Dignity’. Accordingly, Joo-Seok Ha can only play in 74 of 144 games in the regular season this year.

Pitcher Kim Min-woo signed for 228 million won, an increase of 37 million won (19.4%) from 191 million won last season, and received the highest salary among 49 contract renewal candidates. Kim Min-woo threw 163 innings in 29 games last year, posting an average ERA of 4.36 with 6 wins and 11 losses. 토토사이트

Pitcher Kim Bum-soo signed a contract for 141 million won, 44.2 million won (45.7%) more than last year, joining the ranks of billionaires. In terms of the amount of increase, it rose the most.

Among fielders, infielder Jeong Eun-won has the highest salary. He signed a contract for 218 million won, up 27.2 million won (14.3%) from last year’s annual salary of 190.8 million won. In 140 games last year, Jeong Eun-won played an active role with a batting average of 0.274, 8 homers, 49 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.745.

After joining as a training player in 2016, infielder Kim In-hwan, who competed for the Rookie of the Year title last year, signed a contract for 64 million won, double his annual salary last year, recording the highest increase rate (100%) in the team.

Hanwha, which has signed an annual salary contract with 49 registered players, has decided to introduce an option system starting this season only for players with an annual salary of 100 million won or more. This is a method in which the club presents elaborate customized conditions in consideration of the player’s capabilities, and when the player achieves this, he or she receives incentives in addition to the contracted salary.

Hanwha expected, “It will be a ‘win-win’ contract as the more players fill out the options, the higher the contribution to the team.”

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