‘Empty-handed’ Dodgers…Giolito, Arenado, Verlander, Rodriguez all missed

스포츠토토The Los Angeles Dodgers virtually walked away from the trade deadline “empty-handed.

The Dodgers are in first place in the National League West, but they need starting pitching, bullpen, and hitting help for their shaky rotation.

So they were busy in the trade market.

According to the LA Times, the Dodgers were first in the market for a starting pitcher and went after Lucas Giolito from the Chicago White Sox, who were the “sellers”.

However, the White Sox’s trade terms were too expensive.

The Dodgers eventually gave up Giolito. Giolito was traded to the Los Angeles Angels.

The Dodgers chose Lance Lynn over Giolito. They also acquired Joe Kelly for a bullpen arm.

The Dodgers also acquired slugger Nolan Arenado. They negotiated with the St. Louis Cardinals, but St. Louis declared Arenado off-limits.

The Dodgers became aggressive when Justin Verlander of the New York Mets was listed as “for sale”. Negotiations seemed to be going well.

Suddenly, the Houston Astros swooped in. Verlander reportedly had a good relationship with Houston’s owners.

In the end, Verlander reunited with Houston instead of the Dodgers.

The Dodgers, desperate, made a move for Eduardo Rodriguez from the Detroit Tigers.

The Dodgers and Detroit came to an agreement. The problem was that Rodriguez had a 10-team trade veto. The Dodgers were one of them.

Detroit approached Rodriguez about waiving the veto, but he refused, citing family reasons.

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