‘Enraged’ at the decision two days in a row… In the end, director Yoo Do-hoon who ‘criticized his determination’

“I think it’s the first time I’ve played basketball in decades.”

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Yoo Do-hoon (56), a professional basketball coach, sighed. It was at a meeting with the reporters right after the defeat at the Anyang KGC match held at the Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 29th. Director Yoo said, “The referees say that they saw it correctly and it was a foul.” “, he said in anger.

The point where Director Yoo was furious was the scene right before the end of the 4th quarter that day. KOGAS was ahead by 76-74. Darryl Monroe attempted a shot but it was canceled, and time passed. However, the referee pointed out Devon Scott’s foul in the process. It was a judgment that there was contact in a competitive situation. It was a fatal decision for the gas corporation, which was on the verge of victory.

The remaining game time was readjusted to ‘0.8 seconds’, and the game eventually went into overtime as Monroe, who obtained two free throws, made all of them successful. After an extended game, KOGAS lost the game 85-87. From the perspective of KOGAS, in the last minute of the fourth quarter, the whistle was blown with 0.8 seconds left, and the judgment of the referee was inevitable. 메이저놀이터

In fact, this scene was not the only controversial decision in the match today. In the third quarter, on the contrary, there was a scene where KGC players and coach Kim Sang-sik made a rough protest to the referee on the bench. With 7 minutes and 32 seconds left, it was judged that Moon Seong-gon hit with his arm while blocking Shin Seung-min’s shot.

On this day, the broadcaster put weight on the possibility of a miscarriage, saying, “It seems that it did not reach the camera.” Jeon Seong-hyun, who was protesting, was even awarded a technical foul. Coincidentally, Shin Seung-min’s foul was pointed out in the immediate aftermath of Oh Se-geun’s attack, and coach Yoo Do-hoon protested the decision with open arms. In addition to these scenes, the overall dissatisfaction between the benches of both teams about the referee’s decision was inevitable throughout the game.

In particular, the reason why coach Yoo Hoon couldn’t help but be more enraged was that a foul decision was made with 0.3 seconds left before the end of the second overtime, when victory was on the verge of victory against Seoul SK the previous day, and as a result, he missed the victory he had secured. With less than one second remaining at the end of the two days in a row, a foul was declared and the victory was missed, so coach Yoo had no choice but to complain as if he were determined.

Coach Yoo Do-hoon said, “We played this game twice in a row. It seems to be the first time in decades of basketball that a foul was called with 0.3 seconds and 0.8 seconds left in various situations.” The number one is correct. Instead, I’m telling you with a sad heart. There may be miss calls and various situations may arise, but I hope we can achieve a ‘coexistence’.”

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