‘ERA 1.08 → 5.79’ What happened to the NC 34-year-old veteran finisher… Nightmare Nakdong River Derby 

 It was the first Nakdong River derby of a nightmare season for NC finisher Lee Yong-chan (34).

Lee Yong-chan committed his first blown save of the season against Changwon Lotte on the 21st. He got on the mound in the top of the ninth with a 2–1 lead, but allowed one run with one hit and two strikeouts in one inning. In particular, after being hit with a first-sang double by Noh Jin-hyeok after one out, he made a decisive wild throw at the plate by Han Dong-hee. He used his main weapon, a forkball, in his first pitch, but the heat in the catcher’s eyes made it impossible to catch it.

In the end, at that time, Lotte lightly turned the game to the starting point with Han Dong-hee’s sacrifice fly to center fielder from 1st out and 3rd base. Lotte gained momentum and scored the winning run in the top of the 10th inning with Jung Hoon’s wild throw. 안전놀이터At this time, Ahn Joong-yeol was able to kick Kim Young-kyu’s slider with a one-bound enough, but there was a missed aspect.

NC fell into a four-game losing streak ahead of the game on the 23rd, giving away Gyeonggi-do 6-10 on the 22nd. Because of this, I had to catch the game on the 23rd. In fact, starter Lee Yong-jun’s good pitching, Do Tae-hun’s solo shot, and Park Kun-woo’s two doubles tied together to lead 3-0 until the 8th inning.

In episode 9, as expected, Lee Yong-chan’s turn. However, Lee Yong-chan pitched the worst this season. He gave Hwang Seong-bin a four-seam and gave a deep batting ball for three intervals. Infield hit. He threw a forkball, his main weapon, to An Chi-hong, but it became an infield hit in the same direction. Both were not easy for shortstop Kim Joo-won to handle. The forkball match did not work for Jack Rex, and the bases were loaded safely.

Here, Lee Yong-chan began to visibly shake. He allowed 1 run by giving up a walk to Noh Jin-hyeok, and Jeon Jun-woo’s batted ball was not lucky. The batted ball flew quickly to third baseman Do Tae-hoon. However, it was hit by Do Tae-hun’s leg and deflected toward shortstop Kim Joo-won. Kim Joo-won hesitated once and threw to first base, but it turned out to be a bad throw. In the end, both runners hit home and the score was tied 3-3. Lee Yong-chan’s season 2 blown save.

In the end, he gave Yoon Dong-hee a walk with one out and bases loaded, and after two outs, Hwang Seong-bin allowed an RBI. The inning ended when Jeong-hoon was out at home, but it was the worst day for Lee Yong-chan. He threw a whopping 33 pitches, 5 hits, 3 walks, 5 runs and 5 earned runs in 1 inning. The average ERA soared from 1.08 to 5.79. There were ambiguous batted balls and shortstop errors, but 5 hits and 3 walks were fatal for the closer.

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