‘Even though I scored 8 runs in one inning, I lost’ Shocking 7 consecutive losses Now the last place is closerv

 The match between Samsung Lions and KT Wiz was held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 29th. It will be remembered as a game that Samsung lost an 8-point lead in an instant and went to overtime and won with difficulty, but for KT, it remained a meaningless defeat even after scoring 8 runs in one inning.

KT fell into a shocking 7-game losing streak. The most recent win was 10 days ago. Since the match against Suwon SSG on the 19th, they have recorded 1 draw and 7 losses in 8 matches. One draw is included, but in fact, it means that they have not tasted victory for nearly 10 days.

KT showed impressive potential in the match against Samsung on the 28th. After losing 0-8, he succeeded in tying the score 8-8 by showing the power to score 8 runs only in the bottom of the 8th inning. He caught up with the huge score gap in one inning. As KT’s batting line exploded, the game could go into overtime. KT, which lacked just one point, eventually lost by 9 to 10, 1 point, as Pil Seung-jo and Park Young-hyun collapsed at the beginning of the 10th inning.

It’s such a painful seven-game losing streak. While on a losing streak, the team’s win rate plummeted. KT, which was recording a ‘plus’ win rate at 50% until just before the losing streak began, fell to 306.8ri after the game on the 28th. There was even a 5.5 game gap with 1st place SSG. Now, it is closer to the last place Hanwha Eagles (0.286) by two games.

Of course, KT is struggling this season. In a way, it was close to a miracle to have won 3 straight before losing 7 in a row. Major players such as So-Jun So-Jun, Eom Sang-Baek, Bae Jung-Dae, Kim Min-Soo, and Hwang Jae-Kyun have recently returned after missing or leaving due to injuries. In addition to that, with minor injuries, he was unable to play a single game with all his might after the opening. Coach Lee Kang-cheol praised the players more than anyone else when the substitute players did well and recorded a win rate of over 50%.안전놀이터

However, once the losing streak started, it slipped terribly. The biggest concern lately has been the batting line. KT’s team batting average is 2.67, which is the top 2 among 10 clubs. However, during the losing streak, the final blow leading to the score was seldom broken. In the five games played right before the Samsung match, KT’s team score per game was 1 point – 1 point – 0 point – 2 point – 1 point. During the same period, the team lost 5 points – 1 point – 1 point – 13 points – 3 points, showing the scoring power that is difficult to win even if it is blocked with the minimum goal except for one game.

First and foremost is breaking the streak. On the 29th, KT announced Ko Young-pyo as a starter against Samsung. Even during the losing streak, he was the pitcher who showed the best pitching among the starting pitchers in the team with 7 innings and 1 run. The team’s batting line, which has been hot for a long time, also needs to maintain its firepower. This weekend series has become important for KT in many ways.

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