“Everyone is afraid” Son Heung-min-Kane duo threatening duo ‘appearance’

Harry Kane (Tottenham) caused a transfer scandal ahead of the 2021-2022 season. He said he wanted to go to Manchester City.

The reason was that he wanted to play with Kevin De Bruyne. He believed he could score more goals that way.

He was correct in his judgment, even though he was in vain.안전놀이터

The Bruiner is forming a fantastic combination with the ‘monster’ Elling Hollan, who debuted in the EPL this season.

The two goals combined in the league this season are 8 goals. It is only one goal out of the nine goals scored by Son Heung-min and Kane.

Some media are evaluating “The Bruiner-Hollan is the duo that everyone fears.”

As soon as he stands on the EPL stage, Hollan is showing off his formidable scoring power. He has scored 32 goals so far. The Brawinner’s assist was a big help.

De Bruyne has 15 assists this season. Absolutely 1st in the league.

So far, Son Heung-min and Kane have jointly scored 45 goals in league matches. 1st in league

However, they are under threat from the de Bruyne-Hollan duo. The key is how long Halan plays for Man City.

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