Familiar yet unfamiliar cheers, Lee Tae-yang’s first visit to Incheon after transferring

Hanwha Eagles Lee Tae-yang conveyed his thoughts on the first Incheon expedition after transferring.

The match between Hanwha Eagles and SSG Landers took place on the 12th at SSG Landers Field in Incheon. In the bottom of the 8th inning, with the Hanwha leading 4-2, Lee Tae-yang climbed the mound. It was the moment Taeyang Lee, who returned to his home team Hanwha through FA after winning the championship in 2022, stepped on the mound in Incheon for the first time after transferring. Lee Tae-yang struck out Hanyu-seom, turned Park Seong-han into a floating ball, and then struck out Kim Seong-hyun and put up a hold after a long time.

Lee Tae-yang said, “I came to Incheon after a long time, and I wanted to say hello before going up after moving the team. I missed the timing,” he laughed. He looked back, saying, “I was excited, and I was comfortable. Also, since my opponent was SSG, I had a strong desire to do better, but the results turned out well.”안전놀이터

The opportunity came again on the 14th, but the situation was a little bad this time too. In the bottom of the 4th inning, starting pitcher Kim Min-woo was hit with an elbow by Guillermo Heredia’s batted ball and was suddenly knocked out, and Lee Tae-yang had to climb the mound without even warming up. A rather desperate situation. Nevertheless, the voices of the fans chanting Lee Taeyang’s name from the first base side could be heard clearly.

Lee Tae-yang said, “I got goosebumps when I heard my name. I was also proud of it.” “I’m an Eagles player. I think I’ll have to say hello in a different way later.”

Lee Tae-yang said, “We were together at the moment when we won the championship just a few months ago. That memory came back to me.” Now, Lee Taeyang’s goal is to share that mind with Hanwha’s juniors.

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