‘Five consecutive wins and more’ Samsung has a chance to counterattack in May, solver captain→trade luck crazy performance

 The Samsung Lions are overcoming the pain of the injury ward and realizing a great rebound. Both pitchers are regaining a sense of stability.

Samsung finished with 12 wins and 12 losses with a win rate of 50% for the month of April. The ranking remains at 7th, but it is good with a recent 5-game winning streak.

It means that the atmosphere is alive.

All pitches are on the rise. Looking at the results until April 23, before the 5th consecutive win, the team’s ERA was 5.26 (9th place) and the team’s batting average was 0.254 (tied for 6th place).

However, after that, the team jumped to an average ERA of 3.26 (5th) and a team batting average of 0.256 (4th).

At the center are ‘Captain’ Oh Jae-il and Kim Tae-hoon.

In 24 games in April, Oh Jae-il marked a batting average of 0.193, 3 homers and 16 RBIs, an on-base percentage of 0.287, a slugging percentage of 0.349, and an OPS of 0.636. He has the lowest batting average and OPS among the team’s six hitters who have filled regulation at-bats.

However, it is encouraging that the blow has been revived recently. On the 27th, against Doosan in Daegu, he hit a come-from-behind grand slam.

And three days later, on the 30th, against Suwon KT, he fired a final solo shot in the top of the 10th inning. That’s two final strokes in one week. It showed its presence in the clutch. Thanks to his one shot, Samsung was able to run 5 consecutive wins.

Moreover, Samsung carried out a trade to send Lee Won-seok to Kiwoom, raising concerns that it would weaken the center line, but with Oh Jae-il, the worries disappeared.

Oh Jae-il is a typical slow starter. Every year in April it was sluggish. But starting in May, I find myself. And now it’s May. The feeling of hitting also survived. It seems that Samsung’s batting line will regain more vitality.

If Jae-Il Oh is on the batting line, Tae-Hoon Kim is on the mound. it’s a complete asshole

It is worthwhile to endure the blood loss of Samsung giving a veteran infielder (Lee Won-seok) the right to nominate a rookie.

Kim Tae-hoon, who was a Heroes one-club man, transferred from Kiwoom to Samsung through a trade on the 27th of last month. The bullpen was weakened due to Oh Seung-hwan’s poor condition, and Kim Tae-hoon was recruited to reinforce the back gate.

The effect appeared immediately. Kim Tae-hoon was on the mound from the first day of his transfer. Daegu Doosan match on the 27th. He pitched in the ninth inning with a 7–6 lead and made the save by ending the game with a clean three-and-out with nine balls.안전놀이터

Afterwards, he showed off a sense of stability, including a 1⅓ inning scoreless save against Suwon KT on the 28th and a scoreless save in 1 inning on the 30th.

Wearing a blue uniform, Kim Tae-hun played 3 games and scored 1 win and 2 saves in 3⅓ innings. Kim Tae-hoon contributed in 3 of the 5 consecutive wins.

It can be seen that Samsung brought Kim Tae-hoon at the best timing. It’s really a belly button.

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