From the players to the staff, a series of ‘troublesome’… Despair of the Turkiye team

The Hatayspor (Turkiye) club, which sent away Christian Arts due to the earthquake that occurred in Turkiye, faced another sad news. This time, Onur Akdenis, who was a equipment staff member of the first team, said goodbye to the world.

Hatayspor said on the 18th (Korean time), “We express our deep condolences to Akdenis, his family and fans, who were one of the first team staff. We will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts. He posted a message of condolence on the club’s SNS along with photos from his lifetime. Although the cause of death was not directly disclosed, local media such as Istanbul Bulletini reported that Akdenis also died in the earthquake.

This is another unfortunate news that was delivered just an hour after the unfortunate news of Artz, who was found dead that day. Artz went missing after a magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurred in the central region of Turkey on the 6th, and was eventually found dead in the rubble of a collapsed building that day, regretting the world. The Hatayspor club, which was saddened by the fact that “there are no words to express sadness” when sending Art, fell into despair after sending away even the staff in about an hour. 스포츠토토

Hatayspor, home of Hatayspor, is a club that has been particularly badly damaged by the earthquake. Eventually, on the 10th, they announced their intention to stop participating in the Turkiye Super League this season. While general manager Taner Sabut was reported to be missing, the news of the death of a kitchen employee was also recently reported through the club’s social media.

Meanwhile, Arts, a former national team member who was found dead that day, made his debut at FC Porto (Portugal) and transferred to Chelsea in 2013, and then spent time on loan in Everton (above England) and Malaga (Spain), and from 2016 he joined Newcastle United ( played in England). After that, he moved to Hatayspor last year through Ala Ed, Saudi Arabia.

Originally, he was scheduled to move to the French league, but it was reported that he canceled his flight ticket to France and chose to stay after scoring a dramatic winning goal to lead the team to victory the day before the earthquake. However, he went missing without being able to avoid the great earthquake that occurred afterwards and eventually passed away. He is 31 years old.

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