Gattuso resigns as manager of Valencia after being tricked by owner Peter Lim

Balenciaga has parted ways with former legendary player Gennaro Gattuso. 

Valencia announced his resignation on the official website on the 31st (Korean time), saying, “The club appreciates coach Gattuso for his hard work and wishes him good luck in the future. Acting coach Boro Gonzalez will take over the first team.” 

Gattuso left the team after half a year as Valencia manager. In June of last year, he signed a two-year contract with Valencia and was appointed as the head coach, but he failed to improve his performance. Valencia is in 14th place in the league with only 5 wins out of 18 matches in the 2022-2023 season. They are only 1 point away from Cadiz, who are in 18th place, in the relegation zone, so they have to compete to remain. 

Both parties terminated the contract by mutual consent. According to Spain’s ‘Elpais’, coach Gattuso did not announce his intention to resign after losing 1-3 to Athletic Bilbao in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey, but made a decision after losing 0-1 to Valladolid in the 18th round of the league. One of the main reasons for his failure to reinforce players this winter was his lack of reinforcements. Gattuso is said to have felt cheated by owner Peter Lim. He is not trusted by the players and the relationship has gone sour.  메이저놀이터

Valencia has sacked their manager 5 times in the last 4 seasons. Even at the request of the coaches, the support is not properly provided, and the situation where players are arbitrarily brought in and the coach is fired due to poor performance is repeated. Players from the club’s youth were also unable to keep it. Representative examples include Ferran Torres, Lee Kang-in, and Carlos Soler. In particular, Lee Kang-in was sent to Mallorca without receiving a transfer fee. 

For the time being, Gattuso’s vacancy will be taken over by a youth academy coach. Boro will be in charge of number 8 only as acting manager. 

Valencia is a prestigious team that has won the Spanish La Liga six times. However, after Peter Lim’s ownership in 2014, his reputation has been waning. The performance has fallen to the middle ranks, and now it is inevitable to remain in the competition. The recent atmosphere is also not good, so even one game slip could fall into the relegation zone. 

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