Gwangju FC 2023 Vision Proclamation ‘A team trusted by citizens and loved by fans’

 Gwangju FC declared ‘Gwangju FC 2030 New Vision’ at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 3rd. The new vision is ‘Gwangju FC, trusted by citizens and loved by fans’.

To achieve a new vision, Gwangju FC ▶’Creating a workable organization’ with a unified organizational system and performance-oriented employee evaluation ▶’Improving the club’s management method’ to expand the team’s discretion and attracting corporate sponsorship ▶By promoting the team’s community-based activities ‘Formation of public consensus and pursuit of coexistence’ ▶Promote four major strategies, including ‘youth football of opportunity and growth’ to create a football culture that can be enjoyed regardless of victory and defeat, and to foster excellent players in the region.

Gwangju FC unifies the command system by integrating the secretary general and the head of the management support department, and strengthens the board’s check and supervision function for the operation of the club.

In particular, to ensure transparency and objectivity in player recruitment, the team operation committee includes doctors, lawyers, and scouts to systematize player verification. It systematically manages excellent U-15 and U-18 players, and manages systematic training and growth by age through the operation of a general youth director.

In addition, it will be reborn as ‘playing football’ such as off-season talent donation soccer classes, hobby classes, and family-friendly soccer events. 온라인카지노

This promotion strategy reflects the results of the management evaluation conducted for the first time since the founding with the inauguration of CEO Rodong Il in November. Management evaluation was conducted by an external accounting firm for objective evaluation, and management improvement measures were derived.

In the future, the club plans to subdivide and promote tasks for each strategy and speed up management innovation.

“The final goal of the new vision is to provide joy to citizens and to secure financial resources for sustainable club management,” said Noh Roh-il, new CEO. I will make it,” he said.

Gwangju Mayor Kang Ki-jeong, the owner of the club, said, “The goal of Gwangju FC is to win, of course, but before winning, we need to receive enthusiastic love from the fans.” and encouraged

Along with the proclamation ceremony, Gwangju FC also held an inauguration ceremony for the new CEO Rodong Il.

On the other hand, Gwangju FC reigned as the K-League 2’s strongest player with overwhelming performance, including winning the K-League 2 last year, winning early in the shortest period of time, and winning the most wins ever. As they return to the K-League 1 this season, they are attracting fans’ expectations and interest more than ever.

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