“He threw his body” Coach Jin-man Park, middleman Seung-hwan Oh gave special meaning to the first hold

 “It was yesterday’s point…”.

Samsung Lions manager Park Jin-man greatly welcomed the first hold of middleman Oh Seung-hwan (40). New finisher Lee Seung-hyun hit a walk-off home run and suffered a bitter defeat, but was comforted by Oh Seung-hwan’s good pitching. Oh Seung-hwan fell into sluggishness after the opening, and after the Kiwoom match on the 19th, he put down his finishing position and turned into a middle man. 

In the match against the KIA Tigers held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 21st, he took the mound as a middle pitcher and took two outcounts and kept the lead. In the 7th inning, which was pursued 4-2, he took the mound with 1 out, 2nd and 3rd base, and struck out Woo-hyuk Byun on a fly ball, Sun-bin Kim on a walk, and Dae-in Hwang on a false swing to prevent a run. 안전놀이터He won his first hold of the season. 

In a critical situation, he showed off his sure finishing instinct. However, Lee Seung-hyun gave up a three-run homer to Choi Hyung-woo in the bottom of the ninth and knelt down in vain. From the point of view of the command tower, if Lee Seung-hyun blocked it well, Oh Seung-hwan’s good fight, which announced a recovery, was added, and everyone was happy. The atmosphere in the team could also be lifted. 

Coach Park said before the KIA and Gwangju match on the 22nd, “(Seunghyun) had a good experience. He is a player who needs to be on the team,” he said. 

Regarding the timing of Seung-Hwan Oh’s start, Park said, “At first, I prepared to post in a comfortable situation. But in a tense situation, I went up and blocked it perfectly. If we won, that was the point. The point of this was Oh Seung-hwan’s pitching.” 

In particular, Oh Seung-hwan’s changed pitching was evaluated positively. The point is that he used the strike zone widely, not just pitching outwardly, but also using the inside ball. It was what I ordered from Oh Seung-hwan. As I got older, I wanted to change as much as my fastball speed and pitch decreased. 

Director Park said, “I threw it to the end of the strike zone and threw the breaking ball away from the outside. As a save pitcher, I didn’t use my body side well to avoid getting hit. Since I’ve only thrown outside so far, batters can see the ball. If I throw 150km, I live outside, too. You must have felt that it was not. Yesterday, I threw the inside as well, so the outside survived. As I do this, I will get better little by little.” /sunny@osen.co.kr

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