Held KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon

KXO (Korea 3×3 Basketball Federation) has prepared a winter league to announce the start of Korea 3×3 in 2023. KXO will hold the 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon on the 4th and 5th at the National Sports Center in Hongcheon-gun, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do. This is the first 3×3 event to be held

in Korea in 2023.

The KXO Winter League, which announced the start of the season. The KXO Winter League, which opened the door for the start of the Korean 3×3 this year as well, will be held in three categories: U18, Men’s Open, and KXO League

. Inje, where center Bang Deok-won retired at the end of last season, recruits Noh Seung-jun from Korea University and KCC, and plans to show a new side of the sky through this KXO Winter League

. I wonder if Inje, who has gone to field training, will be able to show the same strength as before even after recruiting a new member, Seungjun Noh. 바카라사이트

The appearance of master wook master, a strong player in the men’s open division, is also noticeable. As a non-elected team, it achieved remarkable results, such as participating

in. Master Wook, who will run the team with the same members as last year, is determined to challenge the top again in this KXO Winter League.,

Meanwhile, KXO has two international The goal is to host the event, as this year’s performance determines participation in the Paris Olympics and the 2024 3×3 World Cup.

A KXO official said, “This year, we plan to make efforts to provide more teams and players with opportunities to participate in international competitions. I will work hard with the players to rise in the national rankings.”

The ‘2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon’, which will start at 11 am on the 4th, will be broadcast live on YouTube.

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