‘Help Ryu Hyun-jin’ 144.1 billion won right-hander’s misfortune… ERA 0 to KKKKKKK, but lost

 7 strikeouts were eliminated and the earned run was 0. But what came back was defeat.

Kevin Gausman (32, Toronto Blue Jays) celebrated the second season of a five-year, $110 million contract (approximately 144.1 billion won). He did his part enough with a 3.35 earned run average of 12 wins and 10 losses in 31 games in the 2022 season. This season, like last year, is the second starter. If there is anything that has changed, the first starter last year was Jose Berrios, but this year it is Alec Manoa.

Gaussman pitched perfectly with 1 win and zero ERA in 4 demonstration games. He gave up 8 hits, 13 strikeouts, 3 walks and 1 run (visa book) in 13.2 innings. And on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time), the away game against the 2023 Major League St. Louis Cardinals held at St. Louis Busch Stadium in Missouri, USA was also good. He was good with 8 hits in 6 innings, 7 strikeouts, 1 walk and 3 runs allowed (Visa book). 안전놀이터

There was no self-reproach, but he was caught with three runs and became a losing pitcher. Gaussman has a fastball in the mid-90s and a good combination of splitter and slider. In particular, the grip of the splitter is unique and the trajectory is different from that of ordinary ones. From the first inning, the ball was thrown low and put pressure on the St. Louis batting line.

Tommy Edmund, who played as a member of the Korean team in the WBC in March, also hit with a fastball and splitter combination. The third episode also started fresh, but it wasn’t. Brendan Donovan and Cole Goldschmidt went high four-seam and gave up hits, so the second out and first and third bases were in danger.

Arena, who was surprised, also came out with a disappointing defense from third baseman Matt Chapman at the plate. It was good that he quickly dashed and cleared the ball deep in the third interval before shortstop Bo Bisset caught it. However, the one-bound throw from first base was inaccurate and flew all the way to the first base foul area. The balance is broken here. Gaussman, who was shaken, was hit by 2 RBIs on the left line by Goreman, who was surprised. Chapman threw himself, but it was difficult to catch in the first place.

The 3 points given at this time became the cause of the team’s 1-4 defeat. On this day, the Toronto lineup failed to score a single run in five innings against St. Louis starting pitcher Jack Flaherty, but it was not without a chance. Flaherty’s control wasn’t that good. 5 innings, 4 strikeouts and 7 walks. Even so, he failed to score, and Gaussman, who only scored 3 points, became the losing pitcher. Gaussman was better than Flaherty in terms of pitching, but it was an unfortunate game.

Toronto is a team with a lot of variables in the starting lineup. First and second starters Manoa and Gaussman are obliged to pitch as consistently as possible. However, Manoa collapsed with 9 hits and 5 runs in 3.1 innings in the opening game, and Gaussman lost the game amid bad luck. It’s an uneasy start. Should Ryu Hyun-jin, who can only come back in July, help?

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