‘High School Ace’ expires… ‘Reset’ as the first overseas camp, rotation challenge

NC left-handed pitcher Jeong Gu-beom is celebrating his 4th professional season this year. Although he is the first overall player in the 2020 draft, his first-team experience was only two games last year. He was overtaken by his juniors as well as his motivation for joining. He’s always had a bad shoulder, so he didn’t have many opportunities to show his power during his high school days.

He said, “He was under a lot of stress, so his confidence was low and he was lethargic.” This is Jeong Gu-beom’s confession. It’s been the past 3 years that he’s been weird being stress free. Still, this winter was different from before. Since the second half of last year, there has been no sore spot. He found his confidence when the stress was gone. Now, I am preparing for the season with the mindset that it is the first time without clinging to the past three years.

There was an opportunity to ‘reset’ his mindset. It is a foreign spring camp. KBO League clubs have set up camps in Korea over the past two years to avoid the risk of COVID-19 group infection. This year, for the first time in three years, all clubs left for training in the United States, Japan, Australia and Guam. For the first time since his debut, Jeong Gu-beom welcomes spring outside of Korea.

Jeong Gu-beom said through the club, “I participated in an overseas camp for the first time in my 4th year of joining the club. There are many things to learn just by watching while working out with seniors, and there are many older brothers my age, so it is good to be able to ask questions comfortably.” . 안전놀이터

He also said, “My stress is decreasing and my confidence is increasing. Now, I want to show the image I prepared while checking and managing my body condition on my own without being conscious of the people around me.”

Thanks to the off-season preparation, I was able to pitch in the bullpen from the beginning of camp. Jeong Gu-beom looked back and said, “The first pitching at the camp focused on adapting to the mound and balancing, and the second pitching focused on pitching. An official from the NC club explained, “We pitched 40 pitches twice each, and the highest fastball speed was up to 142 km per hour.”

Knowing the hard way Jung has walked, the club is also more closely monitoring his physical condition. Pitching coach Kim Soo-kyung said, “So far, Jeong Gu-beom has been raising his pace without any problems with his body. The process of showing his skills in the game is more important. I look forward to seeing you,” he said.

Jeong Gu-beom promised, “As this is the first camp I participated in in a normal state, I am working with the mindset of a rookie. He will prepare well and live up to expectations.”

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