Hwang Tae-min of Haseong Elementary School, Suwon City Association Janggi Elementary and Middle Archery Namcho 5 crowns

Hwang Tae-min (Haseongcho, Gimpo) was selected as the Gyeonggi-do representative for the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival after winning 5 gold medals in the southern elementary school division at the 18th Suwon City Association Long-term Elementary and Middle School Archery Competition.

Hwang Tae-min won the 35m (341 points), 25m (349 points), and 20m (356 points) in order in the southern part of the competition that ended at the Suwon Archery Field on the 23rd, and then won the individual all-around (1,374 points) and team all-around (4,220 points). ) also added a gold medal, making it 5 gold medals.안전놀이터

In addition, Kwon Su-yeon (Wonmi-cho, Bucheon) won 4 gold medals, starting with winning the 30m event with 348 points, winning the 25m (354 points), 20m (358 points), and individual all-around (1,396 points). Kim Tae-hyeon (Ansan Seongpo Middle School) also won gold medals in the 40m (348 points), 30m (353 points), individual all-around (1,356 points), and team all-around (3,983 points), winning four gold medals.

In addition, Yang Tae-hee (Suwon Changyong Middle School) won the gold medal by shooting 323 points in the 50m, and won three gold medals in the individual all-around and team all-around with 1,325 points and 3,947 points, respectively.

On the other hand, the provincial representatives of the youth sports event to be held in May include Hwang Tae-min of Namchobu, Won Dong-woo (Haseongcho), Lee Ju-wan (Suwon Yeonmucho), Choi Jun-hyeok (Wonmicho), Kwon Soo-yeon of Yeochobu, Lee Min-sol (Hanam Cheonhyeon Elementary School), and Yoo Ha-eun (Haseongcho). ), Seojin Choi (Songjeongcho, Suwon), Taehyeon Kim, Jewoong Choi (Seongpo Middle School), Myeongsu Kim (Shinjang Middle School, Hanam), Kyungsoo Han (Seongpo Middle School), Yunseo Choi, Taehee Yang, Jiye Han, and Guseul (Changyong Middle School Lee) from the middle division.

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