Hyundai E&C, which has regained its power over the hurdles, is a more valuable achievement than escaping from 5 consecutive losses!

Hyundai E&C has regained the strength to overcome the hurdles. It is a more valuable achievement than getting out of a 5-game losing streak.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction won IBK Industrial Bank of Korea on the 25th at Suwon Gymnasium with a set score of 3-2 in the 6th round home game of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V League’ women’s division. It was a fierce battle that lasted for 151 minutes, the longest since the opening of this season. 2nd place Hyundai E&C accumulated 64 points (22 wins and 9 losses). 스포츠토토

Although it was only two points added and the gap with the leading Heungkuk Life Insurance could not be narrowed, it was a game that more than escaped losing streaks for Hyundai E&C. It is encouraging that they have regained the strength to overcome the hurdle that was lost during the five-game losing streak. After losing the 5th round final match against Industrial Bank of Korea on the 22nd, “Our unique stickiness has disappeared. Not only technical preparation, but also players’ motivation is important,” Hyundai E&C manager Kang Seong-hyung’s stinging advice was effective.

Hyundai E&C faced a crisis in the early stages of the game. In the first set, the attack success rate was only 22.68% and was defeated 14-25. Considering the recent trend, it could have collapsed helplessly. But this day was different. Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which had been concentrating from the 2nd set, dragged the match to the last set after a power struggle with IBK. Even though there were many injuries, thorough management and concentration were demonstrated even though the performance was not yet normal. In particular, after enduring repeated deuces in the 2nd and 4th sets, he won the victory.

The experience of veteran players was the driving force. In particular, middle blocker (center) Yang Hyo-jin took the lead in the victory with 21 points, including 8 blocked points. He scored 4 points by blocking only in the 4th set, and contributed considerably to the defense with 6 serve-receives, the most for a single game. After the game, Yang Hyo-jin said, “The first set didn’t work out well,” but “I shouted and communicated what to do on the court, but there was a twist.”

With 5 games left until the end of the regular league, they are hoping to reclaim first place, but Hyundai E&C’s condition is not perfect. Yasmin’s replacement, Montaño, seems to need a considerable amount of time to fully adapt to the team, and the defense without libero Kim Yeon-gyeon is also a factor of concern. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It is more important to persevere than to supplement something. Then we have to find out what we did well,” he raised his voice.

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